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Chapter 1 - Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful life

Some odd things I've noticed about the HM series =^^=

Chapter 1 - Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful life

Chapter 1 - Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful life
Some Random Things to Do/Think About While Playing Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life:

Look at the scarecrow's (in Vesta's Garden) face

Look at Daryl's shoes

This is where the thing about Takakura possibly being Lillia wife was. I was doing a little research to see if I was right, but I was wrong. Actually her husband's name is Rod. But that leaves the question of "who was the pretty girl in the picture?"

Why do you have the option to "Milk" a male cow?

Takakura has brownish gold eyes (so does Dr. Hardy). You can make him open them if you show him
Flora's necklace (item Flora gives you when you befriend her)

If you go into Galen's house in year 2 or later, examine the picture of Nina. Of course she's dead, but what is strange is that it has a recipe attatched to the back. WTF?! WHO PUTS A RECIPE ON A PICTURE OF THERE DEAD WIFE?!

Romana's umbrella handle is a rooster

Dr. Hardy has on red and white stripped underwear, NOT shorts! Your kid (or at least mine) actually said something like, "Dr. Hardy looks strange with his red and white underwear". He also has bright blue flip flops

The flower pattern on Romana's shawl is also the same kind of flower in/on Gustafa's hat. The strange part is you can't actually obtain one&

Two things about Gustafa: one is that he plays a dulcimer not a guitar; two is, well, look at the bottom of his jeans around his ankles&

Celia's bandana has fish on it; No one in the village likes Celia. It's either her or Vesta that will tell you that the villagers were upset when Vesta brought her. There is a cut-scene(2nd or 3rd year) were Celia is at Romana's villa looking at the flowers when Lumina comes out. Lumina is appearantly ticked off. The butler asks what's wrong when Celia leaves, but she says nothing. Here a screen of the scene:


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