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Chapter 1 - a new beginning

Kira moves to a new house were it''s better... or is it? Unlocking the door finding a nightmare world inside her house. Can she face her fears in that world, or will she be stuck in there forever?

Chapter 1 - a new beginning

Chapter 1 - a new beginning
Moving to a new town, starting a new life, living in a new house, and worst of all… losing my friends.
“Kira, we’re here” my Mom shook me so I would wake up.
I stepped out of the car and went toward the new house. It was bigger than the last house we lived in, In fact… It seemed better. I looked inside and stepped into the empty house.
“Wow, the house is colder than outside” It is understandable since I was wearing my new Lolita style dress.
“Kira, go up to your room, it’s the one on the right”
“Yes Dad” I picked up my luggage and went up to my room. I started decorating my new bed with roses and put my tea cups and tea table in my room… if I find a friend who’s into Lolita as much as I am. I spot something in the corner of my eye, I see a key on the ground near my tea table. That’s odd, I didn’t notice this before I thought I wonder what this opens.
“Kira, time for dinner!” my Mom was calling me.
“Okay Mom” I look at the key on the floor. I wonder what it’s for.


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