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my oc facing his life with his split personality going to look for his twin after a long fight
The story of Violeta Maxia, a girl who is orphaned at age 3 the loses her only remaining family at 13. She is then sold to a vicious king. As the story goes on she learns her family secret.
The origins of Silver of Silver Way, and Risenbahn of the Hollow blade
Owen, a young boy with a crazy imagination, discovers that there may be a world beyond Earth, and tries to unsolve the mystery of the “Vanishings”. However, his undying love for his girlfriend holds him back.
Charlotte and Zell are in love but the prophecy says that she will kill the one she loves to destroy them all. They decide to find a way to destroy the enemy without having to kill one another. Will they find a way?
Kira moves to a new house were it''s better... or is it? Unlocking the door finding a nightmare world inside her house. Can she face her fears in that world, or will she be stuck in there forever?
A short one-shot about a light dragon and a griffin. Friendship, not a pairing fic.

These are my characters, of course.^^
Though it''s not finished and still doesn''t have a title this story is about Felene. I newly aquired warrior at the academy as it''s known. She goes on a confusing path to try and forget about the death of her mother but finds so much more along the way
Kerri2's finally out guys (: sorry it took so long
(for ppl who don't know, this is the sequel to Kerri??)
Hm...this is a bit different from my other stories. It focuses on the other creatures e.g. sylphs, winged unicorns etc. instead of dragons/vampires/werevoles etc.
anyway. just trying it out. tell me what you think. xx

this is different to what I usually write. It's sort of fantasy, and a love story too. I don't know what I think of it, I'm a little unsure. I wrote this when I had a lot going on, too, so it is based upon my very deep, personal feelings...^^"
I had an urge to write something like i did lol enjoy.xx
it's about twins (boy and girl). they went into what they thought was their garden when they were 13.
6 years later, they were still stuck in it.
Yeah, I'm not sure where the heck this story's going, but I gotta few things in mind... Just read it!
First, she finds that her guardians arent human. Then she finds that she isnt human. then she finds that the boy she likes/hates isnt human. Then she finds that her biological father wants her for her powers. Then he kidnaps them all.
After getting kidnapped, girl finds herself in world where the supernatural exist and to find that she's not human, but a sorceress
I don't have a title for my story yet
Be harsh on the comments y'all cos i'm thinking of getting this published
prologue, its different than other prologues. the finished story will be suspenseful and wonderful.
This story revolves around when dark Rave and her hyper brother, Chris move from Downville to Los Angeles and meet the three gangs that rule the city.
this is the new spot for the story raen fall and i warn you it's a bit lengthy but still nowhere near done enjoy
A boy finds out that his parent's "date night" is actaully a ritual among his "people" and is thrust into a world hidden behind the eyes of everyday people.
Making it up as I go along.
Sandra and Tosker have snuck into the haunted house But have been caught, but much worse things are to follow so read the story and find out what is to happen!!
This isnt really a story but its the basics of the fantasy world i write about. Please reply if you want more lore chapters.
Its about a girl who is turning 17 whos life is going to change soon after her birthday.
Intro to my story .