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Chapter 3 - Chapter 03

Axel returns as a biker to aid Sora, Riku and Kairi in their battle against the Heartless.

Chapter 3 - Chapter 03

Chapter 3 - Chapter 03
By Axel Ingleson

-Chapter Three-

Sora frowned as he gazed, listlessly, at his ice-cream.

“It’ll melt if you don’t start eating it,” Axel told him.

“Especially with you glaring at it, the way you are,” Sora countered.

“It’s not the ice-cream I’m glaring at,” Axel said, pointedly. “Remember, I haven’t quite forgiven you for killing Demyx.”

“If you want me to get on my knees and beg you for your forgiveness, I will,” Sora told him.

“It wouldn’t bring Demyx back,” Axel told him. “And you’d just look like more of an idiot than you already do.”

Riku and Kairi heard the almost affectionate tone in Axel’s voice and realized that he was a true friend, regardless of how he felt about his boyfriend’s demise.

• * * * *

Yen Sid turned to King Mickey as the two observed the events they had set into motion in the old wizard’s crystal ball.

“With the way things stand now, we may not be able to retain our hold on Axel. But I’m not sure that bringing Demyx back as well would be a good thing.”

“Demyx never initiated any attacks,” King Mickey pointed out. “He’s no threat to anyone.”

“He’s not likely to fight on anyone’s side, not even ours,” Yen Sid said in a concerned tone.

“But he will be a stabilizing force as far as Axel goes.”

Yen Sid sighed. “Perhaps you are right,” he said. “So be it.”

• * * * *

The surfer caught the moonlit tide with an ease that was almost inhuman. Most of the others were already indoors, the evening waters notoriously dangerous. Only the most expert of the wave-riders came out at this time.

The surfer’s lilac hair glistened, wetly, in the glow of moonbeams, as he rode the crest of a good sized wave.

The wave crashed upon the shore, depositing the skilled youth as gracefully as the hand of a god.

“Not bad,” said a voice that the surfer didn’t recognize. “Not as good as me, but…” the other surfer shrugged.

“Let’s see what you can do,” Riku challenged. “Or are you all talk and no action?”

“Why do people think I’m a wimp?!” the other surfer demanded, as he climbed brought out his board and surfed a wave so large that it could be called a tsunami’s baby brother. And he didn’t just surf it. He performed a dozen or so tricks that were normally associated with skateboarding. Tricks that Riku had never seen anyone do on a wave before. This new surfer seemed to have some kind of control over the wave itself.

Riku went over to him once he’d landed and shook his hand.

“That was impressive!”

“Thanks.” The new arrival shook the water from his mulhawk. “I’m not exactly sure who I am, or what I’m doing here, other than surfing which seems to be a lot of fun.”

“You certainly seem to be in your element,” Riku added.

“My… element?”

Riku saw the contemplative look on the boy’s face.

“Tell you what,” he suggested. “Why don’t you come and stay at my place for a while until we can get you back home?”

“That won’t be necessary,” Axel called from the far end of the beach as he ran over to the blond surfer and hugged him. “Nice to see you again, Demyx.”


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