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Chapter 5 - Chapter 05

Axel returns as a biker to aid Sora, Riku and Kairi in their battle against the Heartless.

Chapter 5 - Chapter 05

Chapter 5 - Chapter 05
By Axel Ingleson

-Chapter Five-

“So, what do we do about the new Heartless?” Sora asked Axel.

Through some kind of unspoken assent, Axel had become the leader of the group. Most likely it had been his apparent expertise on the new threat which now plagued them.

Axel considered the matter as he leaned against the paopu tree.

“Hey, be careful,” Riku warned. “I’m up here, so try not to set it on fire.”

“I can control my fire, you know.”

“Riku’s just a little superstitious about his favorite tree,” Sora explained. “He thinks he’ll die if it’s destroyed.”

“I will,” Riku retorted. “Its not superstition, its fact.”

“Oh, come on, Riku,” Sora rolled his eyes. “It’s easier to believe that Demyx has a heart than to…”

“I do have a heart!” Demyx whined. “Tell ‘em, Axel!”

“Well, actually,” Axel hemmed.

“Axel!” Demyx whined. “What are you saying?!”

“You have just about as much of a heart as I do,” Axel told Demyx. “Sorry.”

“I don’t believe that,” Demyx shook his head. “I have a heart. It’s in my music. You’ll see! Once I get my sitar back from Hades…”

“Who you’re scared to death of…wimp.” Sora cut in.

Demyx turned at him. “Why must you insist upon calling me a wimp?”

“He’s not a wimp,” Axel corrected. “He’s a pacifist. Believe me, he can be quite a fighter if he’s cornered.”

“That is true,” A voice said from the main island.

Sora looked up. “Donald! Goofy!” He waved.

Donald and Goofy ran down the dock to the mini-island and hugged Sora.

“Looks like the team’s back together,” Axel smiled.

“All five of us,” Sora pointed out, discounting Demyx.

“Six,” Demyx pouted.

“What are you going to do?” Sora asked, sarcastically, “sing really badly until the Heartless run away?”

“I can sing as well as I can play,” Demyx insisted.

“Heartless of the worlds beware!” Sora declared, sarcastically.

Demyx and Axel both glared at him.

“I think we should get back to making our plan,” Axel finally said. “Well, the first thing we need is to find someone who can heal Riku’s arm. Surfing and fighting with a broken arm is impressive and all, but its still impractical.”

“Not to mention dumb,” Sora pointed out. “But then we’re talking about a guy who was dumb enough to accept help from Maleficent.”

“Hey! I was trying to save Kairi.”

“By kidnapping a bunch of Princesses.”

“Hey, he’s a kidnapper, too,” Riku said, pointing at Axel.

“At least he apologized,” Sora retorted.

“Anyway,” Axel cut in. “We need to heal Riku’s arm, and then we need to work on the best plan of attack against these Heartless. To be quite honest, I’m beginning to feel that I’m doing most of the work.”

“And what am I? Chopped liver?” Demyx asked.

“More like minced chicken,” Sora replied.

Demyx glared at him. “I’ll show you,” he complained, getting into Donald and Goofy’s gummi ship and taking off.

“Hey! Come back here!” Donald quacked in aggravation. “That’s our ship!”

But Demyx was already gone.


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