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Chapter 8 - Chapter 08

Axel returns as a biker to aid Sora, Riku and Kairi in their battle against the Heartless.

Chapter 8 - Chapter 08

Chapter 8 - Chapter 08
By Axel Ingleson

-Chapter Eight-

Once the dragon ship was under way, Xirin turned to his guests. “Name’s Xirin,” he told them. He turned to a young girl who looked like she couldn’t be more than ten years old. The girl had long red hair and matching eyes. “This is Kajihana. One of Vexen’s creations. She’s a splice between Axel and Marluxia.”

“WHAT?!” Axel cried out. “How dare Vexen create a child based on me without my permission!”

Tears began to well up in Kajihana’s young eyes.

“Careful, Axel,” Xirin warned. “Your daughter has a heart.”

“Demyx won’t be happy about this,” Axel muttered.

“We’ll explain things to him when we see him,” Sora promised.

“You keep your mouth shut when we see Demyx,” Axel reminded him. “Last thing we need is for him to go running off again.”

“Demy’s in trouble?” Kajihana asked.

“When is Demyx not in trouble?” Xirin shrugged.

“Demy?” Axel asked, looking down at his unexpected daughter.

“She’s got a little bit of a childhood crush on Demyx,” Xirin explained. “So nobody say anything bad about him.”

Everyone gave Sora a warning look.

“Sheesh, I said I was sorry,” he cried out, woefully.

“And then you went and insulted him again right afterward.” Axel pointed out. “And you still haven’t apologized for that.”

“He ran off before I could.” Sora argued. “The wimp just took off and…”

“He wanted to prove to you that he isn’t a coward,” Axel snapped at him.

They both heard a soft female growl off to the side and turned to look.

Kajihana was standing there with both fists clenched. A storm of burning flowers was whirling around her. The flowers in the whirlwind burned brilliantly, but did not wither.

“Kaji’, honey,” Xirin soothed her. “It’s okay. Calm down.”

“He called Demyx a wimp,” Kajihana complained.

“Don’t mind him.” Axel told her, “He’s just being stupid.”

Sora wanted to glare at him, but he was beginning to realize just how right they all were. He would have to rethink his opinions of the young sitar-playing water-mage.

Axel saw the change in Sora’s expression and his own relaxed.

Kajihana also relaxed, the whirlwind of burning petals vanishing as quickly as it had appeared.


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