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Chapter 10 - Chapter 10

Axel returns as a biker to aid Sora, Riku and Kairi in their battle against the Heartless.

Chapter 10 - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Chapter 10
By Axel Ingleson

-Chapter Ten-

Morning was not kind to Sora. He had gone to bed with a headache for several reasons, the least of not was that Edym found his way into Sora’s bedroom and spent the whole night treating his hair like a toy mouse.

Edym was still curled up in Sora’s hair when he woke up, his little tail twitching sleepily in Sora’s face. Sora sat up, glad to get the furry little tail away from his nose since he’d been just about to sneeze.

Little Edym mewed sadly, deprived of his current favorite toy, and then decided that Sora’s pillow made an equally fascinating plaything.

“Does that smell like me?” Sora asked, playfully.

“No,” Xirin said, “unlike you our pillows don’t stink.”

“I do not stink,” Sora huffed. He knew what everyone was doing. They wanted him to know how Demyx felt. Wanted to make sure that when the time came and they were reunited with the young sitar player.

He grabbed his towel and headed for the shower. When he got there he heard something that caught his curiosity. It sounded like the entire bathroom was on fire.

“Hello?” he asked.

“I’ll be out in a moment,” Axel called back. “I’m just finishing up.”

“You okay in there?”

“Yeah. Just bathing.”

“Sounds like the room’s on fire.”

“You do remember who you’re talking to, right?”

“You bathe in fire?!”

Axel opened the door and Sora saw that he was clad only in a towel.
“Do you mind letting me bathe in peace?” he asked.

“Um, no,” Sora stammered, seeing that the tub was filled with flames. “I… Sorry. I was just curious.”

Axel gave a curt nod, and closed the door again.

Sora sighed and headed back to his room. He would just have to wait and hope that Axel’s little fire-bath didn’t wreck the shower.

He had been there for about fifteen minutes when there was a knock on his door. It sounded like whoever was doing it was slightly annoyed.


“You can take your shower now,” Axel said from the other side of the door.

“Thanks,” Sora replied, gathering up his towel and heading into the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later, showered and refreshed, Sora headed down to breakfast. He’d been unable to wash his hair because Axel had forgotten to remove the bottle from the bathtub before he’d got in, and it was currently melted and stuck to the rim.

“Thanks, Axel,” Riku (or was it Xirin?) was saying. “That’s the third time this week that the stove hasn’t worked properly. “Good thing we’ve got a fire-mage on board, huh?”

“Just don’t expect me to be your cook everyday, Xirin,” Axel replied, clearing up the matter of the first speaker’s identity. “I’ve got better things to do with my abilities than cooking breakfast.”

“Like bathing,” Sora cut in.

“I don’t rant about your baths,” Axel shot back.

“My baths don’t melt the shampoo bottle.” Sora retorted.

“Oops,” Axel grinned. “Sorry ‘bout that.”

“So, which world do we head to first?” Riku asked as he joined the group.

“I’ve been giving it some thought,” Xirin replied. “And I think…”

But suddenly, the ship changed course. Everyone ran onto the bridge, wondering what the heck had just happened.

They were all quite relieved to find Edym scampering around on the controls.

“How’d he get up there?” Axel asked, carefully putting the little kitten back on the floor.

“Kajihana must’ve put him there,” Xirin decided. “Well, we can either try to get back on course, or see which world this leads us to.”

“Hm…” Riku considered. “Well, since we’re already going this way, why not see where we end up?”

“Agreed,” Sora added.

Xirin scanned the vastness of space before them on the dragon ship’s instrument panel, then found what he was looking for.

“There,” he said, “I found one.”

Sora looked at it carefully, but did not recognize it.

“That’s one I’ve never been to,” he told the others.

“Well, then,” Xirin asked, “shall we check it out?”

“Yes,” Everyone else agreed.


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AxelIngleson on September 9, 2008, 10:00:44 PM

AxelIngleson on
AxelInglesonThere is a total of 22 chapters. I will be posting the rest either later on today or tomorrow.