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Chapter 15 - Chapter 15

Axel returns as a biker to aid Sora, Riku and Kairi in their battle against the Heartless.

Chapter 15 - Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Chapter 15
Heartless Hunter Axel
By Axel Ingleson

(disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts belongs to SquareEnix and Disney. Seraphine appears courtesy of Saveena-001.)

-Chapter 15-

Having defeated a large Heartless, Demyx was feeling confident enough to go and explore the strange world he now found himself in. He heard voices just beyond a hedge and went to investigate.

There, seated at a table, was a trio so odd it made his head spin just to watch them.
The girl looked up at him and motioned for him to sit with them in one of the vacant chairs.

“No, no, no,” the man in the large hat told her. “No room. No room.”

“But there’s plenty of room,” the girl insisted. “Please, have a seat. My name is Alice.”

“I’m Demyx,” Demyx replied, taking a chair and sitting down. “Thank you.”

Alice’s two companions did not introduce themselves to Demyx, who watched them chatter amongst themselves until he was quite fed up with the pair of them.

“Are they always this rude?” he asked Alice, deliberately making sure they could hear him.

“As far as I know, yes,” Alice replied.

“Well, nobody invited either of you,” the hatter said, matter-of-factly.

The hare merely sipped his tea and took a bite of his biscuit.

“Fine,” Demyx huffed. “Be that way. The tea’s probably cold by now anyhow. And I doubt that you made the biscuits today, too. No doubt they’re hard as rocks.”

Alice smirked as Demyx got up and walked away.

Demyx soon found his way into a beautiful garden. He gazed at the flowers, and then found a rose so red it reminded him of Axel’s hair. He decided he would keep the flower and plucked it gently from the rosebush.

Just then, he heard a voice from about five feet behind him.

“How dare you defile the royal rosebush?”

Demyx gulped, then sighed. “I knew I should’ve left this place as soon as I got here.”

“And what, may I ask, brings you here to my kingdom?” the Queen of Hearts demanded a short time later, as she peered down at Demyx from the judge’s podium.

“I got lost,” Demyx apologized. “I was trying to find my sitar and I somehow ended up here.”

“Your sitar. Hm,” the Queen considered. “A likely story. Guards! Off with his head!”

Demyx summoned his keyblade and fought for his life. Escaping the Queen’s guards, he ran as fast as he could to where the gummi ship was parked and got inside quickly. Starting it up, he left the oddities of Wonderland safely behind him and made his way to what he hoped would be the Olympus Coliseum and the Underworld.


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