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Chapter 1 - Tell me a story

Kairi as a young girl asks her grandma to tell her a story.
The story seems familiar as if she had been there. She thinks nothing of it.

Soon, the story that made her world when she was young, detroyed her life when she turns 14.

Chapter 1 - Tell me a story

Chapter 1 - Tell me a story
“Grandma! Grandma!” A young girl ran into a white room; in the middle was an old woman who sat on a chair.
“Yes deary?” The old woman smiled.
“Can you tell me a story?” The young girl asked, her big lavender eyes shining and wide. The woman nodded.
“Sit down and I’ll begin” The woman said. The young girl smiled widely and nodded. The woman gave a smile at the young girl about the age of five. She reached out and patted the young girl on the head and fluffed up her blood red hair. The young girl sat down and brushed out her dress.
“First, let me tell you about the people in the story. The story takes place about one girl and two boys. The girl is about fourteen, she had blood red hair and lavender eyes---“
“Grandma!! I have red hair and lavender eyes! Is this story about me?” The young girls’ eyes filled with curiosity. The old woman just smiled and continued.
“She’s about five foot four and wears a purple mini-skirt that matches her eyes along with a white tank-top over a black one. She is a friend with the two boys. One wears baggy pants over shorts with a yellow skintight top. The top has two belts that cross over his chest. He has shoulder length, silver hair. His eyes glowed an icy teal. The other has spiky brown hair and ocean blue eyes. He wears a white shirt with a red jacket over it. He wears baggy red pants with a blue belt and yellow shoes. He also wears a chain necklace with a crown as a dog tag.” The old woman told the girl. The young girls’ eyes were wide with astonishment.
“Grandma, who are they? Do they have names?” The young girl asked tugging on the bottom of the old woman’s purple dress.
“The names will come up in the story.” She replied. She patted the young girl on the head and smiled. The girl pouted.
“Grandma! You’re not being ANY fun!” She protested. The old woman continued.
“The story takes place in a world, much like the one were in now; but the world was threatened to be destroyed by the darkness known as the Heartless---“
“Grandma, what are heartless?” The young girl asked.
“ They are the darkness and hatred that grow inside of people. It begins to take over them and soon, they end up, a heartless.” She replied frowning.
“Where did I leave off, oh yes, their world was being threatened by the heartless, but they, themselves, did not know it.”

It was a sunny day, the palm trees blew in the gentle summer wind. The laugher of the three kids could be heard all around the island.
“Hey Sora!” The girl ran over to him. She smiled and hugged him. His face turned red. Riku glared at him, Sora made a funny face. She looked at them.
“What are you two bickering about NOW?” She said putting her hand on her hip. They scowled and crossed their arms. They looked away from each other. She rolled her eyes,
“You two are ALWAYS bickering,” She said walking over to them; she picked up their wooden sword that was lying on the ground and hit them both over the head with it.
“OW!!!” Riku and Sora held their heads in pain.
“C’mon, guys, lets go work on our raft.” She said throwing the sword over her shoulder and walking off towards the shed. Sora and Riku looked at each other and ran off after her.
“I can beat you!” Sora yelled out to Riku, and so it began, a race. Riku took off, Sora at his ankles. Riku jumped up the ledge and fell, Sora had grabbed his ankle. He turned around and glared at him.
“YOU CHEATING JERK!” He spat kicking Sora in the face.
“OW!!!!” Sora said letting go of Riku’s ankle and putting his hand to his face in pain. Riku stood up.
“What’s your problem Sora? I could of hurt her!” He said pointing to Kairi. Sora rolled his eyes,
“OH C’mon! You missed her by a mile!” He protested.
“GUYS!!!” Kairi yelled. “STOP! Get up, and help me carry this log!” She frowned. Sora stood up next to Riku.
“Yes Ma’am!!” They saluted and walked over to her and took the log for her and ran off.
“I said help me, not take it from me!” She protested putting her hand on her hip.
“HAHA I can carry it AND run faster than you!” Riku said taking the log from Sora.
“Hey no fair! I wanna carry the log too!!” Sora said kicking Riku’s leg tripping him. The log went flying.
“GUYS!!” Kairi yelled. She walked past them and picked up the log.
“Ugh, never mind, I got it myself.” She carried it over to the raft.
“Geez, you two are ALWAYS fighting, it’s SOOO annoying.” She said half to herself.
“Sorry, Kairi.” They said together. She rolled her eyes.
“Sure,” She said kneeling on the ground and tying it to the rest of the logs, making the raft complete.
“Wow, that was SO hard,” She said sarcastically. She looked at them.
“It’s amazing that you two get anything done around here with the way you act around each other,” She stood up. They looked down in shame. She walked over to them.
“Sora, go get me a bed sheet, a rope, two coconuts, three mushrooms, four fish, and a bottle of fresh water, NOT FROM THE OCEAN. Is that too much to handle?” She asked throwing him a bottle.
“Ah!” He caught the bottle. “No, I can handle it,” He said running off.
“What do I get to do?” Riku asked eyes wide.
“Whatever you want, just stay out of Sora’s way.” She replied walking over to the door to the shed.
“I’ll be waiting here for Sora, if you need me,” She said smiling and worked on her shell necklace. Riku frowned and walked towards the bridge leading to a small island off the coast of the main one.
“Do whatever you want, nah nah nah, stay out of Sora’s way, naah, I’ll be here if you need me, naaah nah nah!!” Riku said in a mocking voice as he walked on the bridge and jumped off on to the island. He walked over to the bent over tree and climbed on to it.
“I guess I’ll just sit here.” He said sighing.
Meanwhile Sora is running around the island looking for what Kairi asked him to get.
“RAWR!! Where am I going to find MUSHROOMS for Pete’s sake!” he said sitting on the ground sighing.
“Heey, what’s happenin’ Man?” Wakka asked with his Jamaican accent putting his hands behind his head.
“Hey, Wakka, Do you know where I can find mushrooms around here?” Sora asked looking up at Wakka who was standing next to him.
“Why do you need to find mushrooms?” Wakka asked confused.
“Kairi asked me to get them for the raft--- er, for her,” Sora replied. Wakka looked at him funny.
“She doesn’t seem like the mushroom type,” He said rubbing the back of his head. “But there should be some in dark and damp areas, I don’t know how you wouldn’t know that….” Wakka said pointing over to the other side of the island. Sora nodded.
“Ok, thanks.” He said standing up and running off to get some mushrooms. Why we need mushrooms for this, I will NEVER know. He thought to himself. He walked towards the tunnel door that leads to the other side of the island.
“Hey Sora, wanna go one-on-one?” Tidus asked as Sora walked across the beach. Sora looked towards the tunnel.
“I’m sure Kairi wouldn’t mind if I took a break,” He said thinking aloud. He put all of the items down.
“Here,” Tidus threw Sora his wooden sword. Sora jumped in the air, caught the sword and slammed it into the ground showing off his strength. Tidus grinned.
“Don’t cry when I beat you down!” He said putting his wooden pole in a defensive position. Sora smirked.
“HAH!” He laughed as he lunged at Tidus using all of his strength to bash his sword against Tidus’ wooden pole. *CRRRRAACK*. Tidus’ pole snapped in half. Sora made one last lung at him, knocking him on his bum and half way across the beach.
“Whoa! You’ve gotten a lot stronger! I bet you still can’t take on Riku; last time we took him on four-to-one and he STILL beat us! Well, at lease Kairi can always count on him,” Tidus said standing up shaking the sand out of his pants. Sora frowned and walked back over to the items he had collected and picked them back up. He headed for the tunnel. He looked out on the island not far off shore. Riku was sitting there looking out over the ocean as if he half expected something to come out of the air. Sora stopped and turned on his heels, I think I’m going to prove Tidus wrong, he thought to himself. He started off in that direction. He looked over his shoulder and saw Kairi.
“Oh! Kairi!” He said running over to her.
“Here, I have everything except for the mushrooms, I’ll get them as soon as I--” Kairi cut him off.
“As soon as you beat Riku in a fight?” She said rolling her eyes. “OK. Go ahead.” She sighed taking the items Sora had collected and walked off towards the raft. Sora frowned but then walked to the stairwell leading to the bridge. He ran up the stair and across the bridge. Sora jumped off the bridge and onto the sandy platform island.
“HEY! Riku! Wanna ---” Riku cut him off short.
“Have a round?” He looked over his shoulder.
“I was going to ask you the same thing.” He said and jumped off the bent over tree.
“Come on, show me what you got!” Riku taunted as he put his wooden sword above his head ready to strike. Sora pulled his sword out and held it in his hands. He’s not going to be as easy to beat as Tidus. He thought observing the surroundings.
“You know the rules, first one to either quit, fall off the island platform, or be beat down loses.” Riku stated as him and Sora circled as if this was a REAL dual. Sora shot at Riku, bashing his sword down on him. When he looked up he saw Riku’s sword coming at him *BAM*. He took the blow right in the face/head.
“TOO SLOW!” Riku laughed as he came back for another swing at Sora. I think not! Sora blocked the attack and counterattacked Riku slamming him against a tree. *DOINK*. A coconut fell on his head. Riku stood up and angrily threw the coconut aside.
“So, wanna play rough?” He spat. He charged at Sora and with all of his strength swung at him. Sora jumped up and landed on Riku’s head sending his face into the ground. Riku got a mouth full of sand. Sora smashed his sword on Riku sending him flying again. This time he missed the tree and feel off the edge of the island platform.
“HA! Now the scores one-to-zero!!!” Sora cried in triumph.
“I think not!” Riku pulled himself up, he hadn’t fallen off. Sora stomped his foot.
“DAMN!” Sora said. Then he got an idea. As soon as Riku stood up he lunged at him using the rest of his strength to smash his sword into Riku’s body knocking him off the platform. *Sploosh*. Riku fell in the water. His head came to the surface.
“Now, it’s one-to-zero.” Sora said bent over, hands on his knees, mocking Riku. He splashed at the water angrily and swam over to the ladder and climbed it until he reached the top of the island platform.
“There is NO way you beat me. I want a rematch, right here, right now,” Riku demanded. Sora grinned widely.
“Sorry, Riku, I promised Kairi I’d go get mushrooms after this!” He almost laughed and ran off toward the tunnel to the other side of the island to get the mushrooms for Kairi. He neared the tunnel; man there HAS GOT to be another way to get to the other side of the island. He thought as he entered the tunnel. Sora looked down.
“HEY! A mushroom!” He said jumping with joy and victory.
“Oh…. I still have to find……two more….” He slumped over with the thought. He continued walking, and then he saw the other side of the island.
“Yes!! Finally!” He cried and ran to the exit of the tunnel. He jumped into the light and cheered.
“That tunnel always seems to depress me…..or creep me out,” Kiyuki said half to himself. He looked around.
“Dark, wet, damp places….” He mumbled putting his hand over his eyes to block the radiant island sun.
“AHA!!” He said running over to a cave. “Now all I have to do is move this rock and I can get in and there SHOULD be some mushrooms in there--” He said putting the mushroom down and got ready to move the boulder. “—Hopefully there will be more than one!” He grunted as he pushed against the boulder and moved it. Once it was out of the way, he poked his head inside.
“Mushrooms!” Sora cried in a high-pitched happy voice. He happily picked them and skipped back to the tunnel.
“Geez, I hate this tunnel,” Sora mumbled as he slowly advanced into the tunnel.
“Don’t we all,” A voice cackled.
“W-who’s there?” Sora dropped the mushrooms spinning around. In a corner on the tunnel was a man in a hooded robe.
“W-who are y-you?” Sora gulped. The man laughed.
“This world has been connected, tied to the darkness, soon to be completely eclipsed. “ The man stated rather bluntly.
“W-wha?” Soar was confused on this rather odd statement.
“Sora?” Kairi called into the tunnel. He looked over his shoulder, frowned and looked back. The man was gone. He slowly picked up the mushrooms and turned around.
“Coming.” He said running out of the tunnel where Kairi was waiting for him.
“What took you so long?” Kairi asked him putting her hand on her hip. “I was beginning to think you died or something,” She added in. He gave her the mushrooms.
“I um… got distracted.” Sora said eyes shifting looking back and forth. Kairi cocked an eyebrow and then rolled her eyes.
“Whatever, anywho, we have almost everything for the raft, C’mon, we need help making the sail,” Kairi held out her hand. He took it and walked to the beach hand-in-hand with Kairi until he saw the raft. Riku was already there. He looked up and immediately noticed Kairi and Sora holding hands. He glared a wish of death to Sora, Kairi didn’t notice.
“OK guys! We’re ALMOST done!!!” She giggled letting go of Sora’s hand and jumping with joy. Riku stood up.
“Now all we need is the sail….” His voice trailed off as he looked into the distance. Kairi picked up the sheet on the ground and handed one edge to Sora and the other to Riku. They took it and helped her attach it to the raft. Kairi clapped.
“LOOK AT IT!!!!” She exclaimed. “It’s done, it’s finally done!” She cheered. She put her arms around Sora and Riku.
“C’mon guys, let go in.” She said taking their hands and led them over to the platform island. They all sat on the bent over tree. Riku picked a paopu fruit and took a bite, he handed it to Sora, and Kairi. They both took a bite.
“Why’d you pick the paopu fruit Riku? You know those are meant to bond souls,” Kiyuki said while chewing the bitter yellow fruit. Kairi nodded in agreement to the question, her mouth was too full to talk.
“In case we lose each other in another world, then we’ll always be together,” Riku said looking up in the sky. Kari blushed.
“Good idea,” She said leaning over and kissing him lightly on the cheek. Sora glared at him as he blushed and smirked. Kairi rolled her eyes. She leaned over and kissed Sora on the forehead. He stuck his tongue out at Riku who looked away furious. Kairi sat between them, looking out over the ocean.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” She gasped at the sun set on the shining ocean making millions of diamonds in the oceans waves. Sora nodded.
“We should probably get back to our homes before the sun sets, the water’s creepy at night,” Sora suggested standing up and jumping off the tree.
“Oh, Sora’s afraid of the dark water?” Riku mocked.
“STOP IT.” Kairi said following Sora. “It scares me too…” She said softly walking across the bridge. Riku rolled his eyes and followed them. Once they reached the dock where their boats were they all hugged ‘good bye’.
“See you guys tomorrow!!” Kairi yelled as she rowed off to the other set of islands not to far on the main one. Sora and Riku waved.
“So, you gunna go first?” Sora asked looking down at his boat then up at Riku.
“Nope,” Riku said crossing his arms.
“Ok, fine, Bye,” Sora said getting in his boat and rowing off. He looked back at Riku who stood there looking out at him. He rolled his eyes and rowed back to his home island. Riku never followed him. He probably wants to be alone or whatever, he thought to himself.
Sora sat in his room, window open, and soft night breeze drifting over him. He closed his eyes, a flash back occurred.
“C’mon Sora! Let take the raft, just the two of us!” Kairi said tackling him on the dock. She laid on top of him, her beautiful lavender eyes looking into his ocean blues ones.
“What’s gotten into to you Kairi?” He asked blushing.
His eyes opened. He looked out the widow out the island. There was a huge gust of wind, a black hole ripped open in the sky above the island.
“THE RAFT!!” Sora shot upright in his bed. He stood up and opened the widow all the way, crawling out.
“Sora! Time for dinner!” his mom called up to his empty room. “Sora?” She called.
Sora rowed his boat to the main island.
“Geez, it’s windy…” He mumbled to himself. He pulled the boat to the dock and tied it to the dock. He looked over.
“Hey, Riku’s boat, and Kairi’s! They’re both here,” He said. I’ll look for Kairi first. He thought running onto the beach. He looked up, at the secret place; there was a door, a white door.
“What the--?” He ran towards it. He noticed something else, the black creatures coming out of the ground.
“OH snap!” He said pulled out his wooden sword to block the one that lunged at him. He attacked it with all of his strength but nothing happened.
“Oh, snap…” He said turning to run away. They surrounded him. He looked around for an escape. There is no way out, he thought. Then Sora did something stupid, he charged at them, sending them flying out of the way. He ran to the white door and opened it and ran down the dirt tunnel. In the main room there was another door. No one’s ever been able to open that door. Kairi was standing in front of it; she turned around, her lavender eyes consumed by darkness. Sora gasped.
“Soooo--ra” She moaned, the door burst open sending her flying forward. Sora went to catch her in his arms but as soon as she touched him she faded. The gust blew Kiyuki onto what was remained of their island.
“WHOA!” He said as he fell on to one of the landmasses that were still there.
“Where’d the islands go?!” He said. *BAM*. He looked up to see a giant one of those black things that attacked him earlier. His eyes widened in fear. He put his wooded sword out to protect him. It glowed.
“Huh?” Sora looked at his sword, it morphed into a key, a really big key. All of the creatures whispered together “Keyblade, keyblade, keyblade,” Over and over again.
“Keyblade?” Sora said holding it up. He shrugged it off and concentrated on the giant monster looming above him.
“Your goin’ down!” He said running at thing. Sora jumped in the air and swung at the thing. It screeched in pain and attacked back, sending Sora flying. He hit a piece of board that was stuck in the ground. He winced in pain but ran at it again, locking his attention on its hand. It was the closest thing other than it’s feet to the ground. Sora jumped and swung again hitting it four or five times in a row. It lost control and Sora had defeated it. It smashed a black rift in the ground. The darkness surrounded Sora. His strength drained from him as the darkness crawled up his body. His arms went limp. He felt the darkness tighten around his chest; he submitted to it, he couldn’t beat it. It engulfed him completely.

“Grandma!” The young girl cried.
“What happens after that?” She asked lavender eyes wide. The old woman smiled.

The end…

Or is it?


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