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Chapter 1 - Trust in my Self-Righteous Suicide

Seven years after Sora saves the world, a new heartless appears on his island, a yellow computer.
He gives his life to save Kairi and the island.
Four years after that kairi and Riku get together, but she's misrable.
Finally she can't take anymore.

Chapter 1 - Trust in my Self-Righteous Suicide

Chapter 1 - Trust in my Self-Righteous Suicide
Trust in my Self-Righteous Suicide
A song fan-fic: RikuxKairi
No, I don’t support them.

“SORA!” I screamed as the giant yellow computer heartless attacked him. Goofy blocked it with shield. The heartless stabbed Goofy with its seven feet long claws. His heart was release. Goofy took his heartless form, a defender.
“NO!!!!” Sora and Donald cried. I pulled out my keyblade and went to go into battle but I felt an arm around my waist, it was Riku.
“C’mon Kairi, It’s not safe here,” Riku pulled me back out to our boats.
“NOOOO!!!!!” I screamed and pulled against him. “LET ME GOOOO!!!” I cried. The heartless stabbed Donald. Sora dodged the heartlesses attacks. He was hesitant but then stabbed himself with his keyblade and released his own heart into light. He grew huge angel wings and his black outfit inverted. I was pushed into the boat as I watched Sora transform in to light mode. The boat slowly made its way of the island. As we landed on the other island a huge flash of light came form where Sora and the heartless were. When the light was gone so was the heartless, but so was Sora. I felt tears forming in my eyes.
“NO!!!!!!!!!” I screamed, it echoed of the islands and probably the entire world, of Destiny Islands. Riku put his arms around me.
“Shhh….” He tried to comfort me. I cried, I just stood in his arms and cried.
It’s been four years since that happened.

Chapter one
I woke up; I was on the beach of that island. I looked out, there he was. Holding his hand out to me.
“Come here Kai---” It flashed, everything got blurry. Everything shook.

Wake up, (wake up),
Grab a brush and put on some make-up.

I opened my eyes.
“Again?” I mumbled to myself. I looked at my wrist.
“Damn….” I aid inspecting the cuts I had inflected. I stood up and stretched.

Hide the scars to fade away the shake up.
(Hide the scars to fade away the Sha---)

I got dressed and yawned. I was wearing a short black skirt and white tube top. I was wearing a black and white checkered studded belt with knees high boots. I put on my pistol holder, when fits snugly around my thigh. I walked out of my room forgetting to put on my wristband.
“You slept in late,” I turned around.
“Good morning” I said cocking an eyebrow. I turned around a looked at a clock.
“HOLY!” I said shocked, it was three-fifty in the afternoon. I felt a hand grip around my wrist.
“Oh…shoot…” I mumbled as I was spun around. Riku looked at me sternly.
“Riku…I…” He put his finger to my lips to shush me, and then he drew his hand back. I flinched; I knew I was going to get hit. His hand met my cheek; a stinging pain went through my nerves. I felt his grip around my wrist get tighter. I tried to back up.
“Riku you’re hurting me!!” I lied.

Why’d you leave the keys on the table?
Here you go create another fable.
You wanted to.
Grab a brush and put on a little make-up.
You wanted to.
Hide the scars to fade away the shake up.
You wanted to.
Why’d you leave the keys upon the table?
You wanted to.

He glared at me.
“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!” He screamed at me.
“Suicide gone wrong” I mumbled half to myself. His hand met my cheek with a stinging sensation. I felt tears forming in my eyes.

I don’t think you trust in, my, self-righteous suicide.

I pulled away tears flowing from my eyes. I ran out of the room and out of the house, Riku followed me to the door.
“KAIRI!!!!” he called after me as I ran of to the shore. I found my old boat and got in it. I took the boat to the island Sora, Riku and I used to play on when we were younger. I pulled the boat on the shore. I looked at the island; it was so empty without Sora and Riku there bickering. I ran into the secret place and took of my shoes. I threw them at the rocky walks. I sobbed as I walked over to the door to the purest light. I pushed my hand against it. It slowly creaked open. Blinding light filled the room, the door shut. I grew Sora’s wings and my outfit turned all white. I had Sora’s keyblade in my hand but Sora was not there. I punched the door.
“Damnit Sora….” I mumbled, tears running down my face.

I cry when Angels deserve to die.

I pulled my gun out. I Put it to my head and hesitantly pulled the trigger.
-BANG- was all Riku heard, and all he need to.

Why have you forsaken me?
In your eyes forsaken me,
In your thoughts forsaken me,
In your heart forsaken me?

Riku Found Kairi dead, in the secret place. Something he wasn’t expecting happened while he was there. The door opened, the room filled with blinding light. When the light was gone, so was Kairi.
“HUH?!” Riku said and looked over to the door. Engraved in it was:
Sora and Kairi, together at last.


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