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Chapter 1 - Harley's new pudding, An awful nightmare.

(Sequel to Harley's barking mad revenge)

Chapter 1 - Harley's new pudding, An awful nightmare.

Chapter 1 - Harley's new pudding, An awful nightmare.

(Harley's barking crazy revenge takes an 
unexpected turn)

(One week later )

Harley Quinn could not believe her eyes.

 Joker was completely human again 
and staring her down

But he wasn't as normal 
as he seemed to be.

Joker was barely considered normal 
by human standards anyway.

 he soon opened his red lipped mouth 
showing his blunt human ones were replaced by big sharp canine teeth.

Harley covered her face for a moment 
with her hands, not wanting to see them.

Joker closed his eyes, when he opened them again
they were deep brown like a dogs 
with a shiny glowing orb in the center 
of his pupils.

This gave his already inhumane eyes 
a rather demonic look.

Harley gulped.

When she tried to hopelessly reason with him 
all he did was snarl at her 
like a wild beast.

And Joker just kept 
on changing.

A long thick furry muzzle next broke from out of his skin and not just that
it tore right out through the flesh of his face, throwing blood and flesh everywhere.

Harley likened this gruesome detail to something 
out of a david Cronenberg film.

Sharp hooked talon like claws burst from his white gloved hands
tearing the fabric on them right apart, the exact same thing happened with his shoes socks, and feet.

Very soon
Joker was an ugly hideous hybrid of clown and dog,
with nothing more in his head then the intent to rip people apart
rather then use one of his comical circus trick weapons.

"Mister J.. Wha-what's happened to you?
your-your a monster",

The white furred monstrosity glowered at Harley
baring his giant yellow fangs.

He dropped to all fours and 
leapt straight at her

Joker dog went for her throat with them, poised to 
rip it from out of her neck that was throbbing rhythmically 
from her pulsing loud heartbeat.

"Please pudding..".

Harley let out a blood curdling screech as she was being torn limb from limb
while still shrieking in the manner of a wild prey animal mingled together
with the bloodthirsty sounds of Jokers growling 
and his gnashing teeth.

Even as her bodies organs were shutting down 
from severe blood loss 
and as she lay there in a huge red pool of her 
own gooey sticky viscera

Harley tried one last attempt to reach out to her pudding 
inside that mindless killing machine.

"Please.. pudding don't do this, I didn't mean to turn you into 
a normal dog earlier before,"

Of course Joker didn't say a word 
having the vocal cords of a canine now.

Harley let out one last dying breath, her head gently slumping to the side when her eyes closed for the last time, she looked unusually peaceful, despite the fact that she was missing her arms and one of her legs and was covered in deep long gashes,
one of which almost made her look like she had been split in two.

Joker looked down at her mutilated form with no hint of remorse or pity,
he tilted up his head to the sky and started howling out his triumph.

Hearing the dreadful long sound echoing through her mind
Harley Quinn bolted up screaming at the top of her lungs 
before panting heavily looking around with worry, she blew a long sigh of relief seeing that it was nothing more then just another dreadful nightmare.

She turned over onto the other side of her pillow, trying to get more comfortable 
only to find herself nose to nose with
a smiling Joker who was his former self again..
Or was he?.


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