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I haven't been here since 2009, which was when I was in high school.

Now I'm graduated from college and working as a graphic designer. Obviously my arts skills have improved since then. 

Anyone remember me? I don't recognize most active users now.

If anyone wants to catch up, add me on PSN (ItsSuperEffectiv), Xbox One( ITS DAT DAM KID ), or Wii U (Its_Pikachu)
Note: this is an invitation, and an adventure.
I dont' understand the submission process for writing. it's time I learned, 

500 char limit? see ch 1 for rest of description. 

---I've learned not to cute a past things into chapters here

invisible characters becoming visible after I post it make this illegible. somebody teach me how to correct that, ok?
While it is technically an unfinished story start, I decided that it was something I liked and so have kept it.
I read it as an open-ended short story although it was not the original intention.
It was something I found on my memory stick from a few months ago, making it a hell of alot more recent than any of my other work. The name was something I thought up just to put it up on here when the thought crossed my mind, it's loosely based on the piece.
This is a poem I wrote not long ago. It stemmed from getting cheated on. It's amazing how other people's actions can affect you...I felt like garbage about myself for a while (still do) and completely self destructed with no confidence. Anyways enjoy ^.^
A place I shall store all my short stories.
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More sucky poetry!
I'mma just put all my random short stories here.
Pins & Daggers is a fantasy book about 16 year old Carina Kolley who finds herself falling into a magical world she thought was made up. There she struggles to solve the mystery of her existence and stop an evil king from enslaving her world.
One stormy night Flow seeks shelter in an old tatty truck, where she witnesses what she believes to be a murder!
In fear she flees for her life, hotly pursued by a seemingly crazy trucker who is determined to make sure she never completes her journey!
I wrote this for my girlfriend, MaKayla Ball. I love you lots MaKayla.
I got bored one day and came up with this idea. My character Mikura is slightly a part of it. Enjoy.
A howl for the wont of a twilight sunset
I was bored. I made this. Deal with it.
A fatalistic boy meets a similar girl, and an attraction just sort of happens. Kept my usual OC names.
this is a thing i wrote yesterday,its up on my DAaccount, and im not really doing anything here on fanart,but im rally like how it turned out,wanted to share with you guys!if you want to see more of my works then visit:
A wierd poem about someone who is a sugar-dependent. XD
Are there snack cars? Anyway, it rhymes! ...Or does it?
A ghost story I made as a homework in school. Not fan made.
UPDATE: Thank you guys for over 100 views! Please comment and say what you think about it, bad or good.
I felt to write a poem, so I did. Not fan made, just a short, wierd poem.
it looked like fun.
Just a bunch of surveys and quizzes I find. I''ll add one every so often, becuase I like these things.
Annie Lockern is from way back in the past.