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Chapter 2 - Harley's new pudding, Not what it seems.

(Sequel to Harley's barking mad revenge)

Chapter 2 - Harley's new pudding, Not what it seems.

Chapter 2 - Harley's new pudding, Not what it seems.
She brung her mouth open and screamed 
that dreadful cacophony of a shriek again.

Which to her complete shock and surprise
Must've startled what she thought was the former 
evil clown prince of crime lusting for sweet payback.

Joker only back peddled away from her to the end of the bed
whimpering softly as if she had actually frightened him
with that scream.

Harley was confused and then annoyed at this innocent looking behaviour
what kind of game was he playing with her now that he was human again
and when would he get his revenge and stop acting as if he was still her dog?.

Harley straightened herself up 
and glared at him.

"Well what are ya waiting for, aren't you going to kill me for turning you into a mutt?".

Joker looked at her and hung his head, not liking her tone of voice.

"I'm not falling for it Mister J I know how good you are at pretending 
so stop being like a dog", she said gritting her teeth.

Joker saw this as a threat and 
growled lowly showing her his own teeth.

Harley placed her palm on her face, he was good at this but she wouldn't let her guard down, Harley knew the moment she turned her back he would be on her within seconds, likely holding a knife to her throat.

Harley wanted to go back to sleep but she didn't dare now that Joker was human again 
and sitting on her bed baring his teeth, likely pretending he was still a dog 
to lure her into a false sense of security.

She slowly got out from under the covers 
and hoped off her bed.

she walked out the room,
keeping her eyes on Joker the whole time.

Joker stayed on the bed, keeping his own beady green eyes on her too for some reason 
before laying down curling up exactly 
the way a dog or wolf would before sleeping.

Harley groaned at the fact that the Joker known for 
having at least some sense of dignity was 
perfectly fine now with being as naked as a newborn baby.

She left the room shutting the door mumbling things to herself 
about Joker and his suspicious behaviour.

"Any moment now he's going to rush at that door, screaming my name like he always does, 
open it and finally kill me for what I did to him I just know it".

Harley whimpered in 
preparation for that moment.

It never 
happened however.

A little while later Harley was begrudgingly making breakfast for herself and Joker
as he wasn't feeding himself, she hated his guts but even she had standards 
and didn't want him to starve.

After she finished off her bowl of Cheerios and milk 
she made her way to the bedroom where Joker was still.

She had his favourite morning meal which was
 a plate of scrambled eggs and sausages.

Jokers nostrils wiggled 
when he got a whiff of the food.

"Humph!, if he wants to be a dog 
so be it, but I'll never treat him like one".

Harley reached the room.

She opened the door just a crack.
seeing that Joker was still sleeping in the same position all curled up and looking 
as harmless as a child sleeping.

She rolled her eyes.

"Humph!, if he wants to be a dog 
so be it, but I'll never treat him like one".

"I don't care how cute or innocent he looks", 
Harley scoffed to herself.

She opened the door to the room fully 
with a tight lipped expression 
and went over to the bed.

Joker snored and 
yelped in his sleep.

Harley thumped her fist on the 
bed's surface 3 times.

"Hey stupid it's time for breakfast".

Joker shot 
open his eyes.

Harley placed the plate near him
and stood well back.

Joker let out a big yawn, stretching his tongue out of his mouth and showing his front teeth 
as he made an odd sound and smacked his lips twice.

Harley briefly thought for a moment that him doing that was kind of cute 
before dismissing that.

She took a deep breath, as Joker looked up at her 
not seeing the plate in front of him.

Harley cleared her throat awkwardly,"there's um breakfast there for you".

She pointed at the food
directing him to it.

Upon seeing it 
Joker bent down and took two sniffs of the meal in front of him
before looking up again at Harley

Was he silently asking her 
if he could eat it?. 

"Yes you can have it", Harley said through clenched teeth.

Joker gave the food a quick taste test with his tongue before he dived into the plate, 
not with his hands like he should 
but with his mouth like a wild starving animal.

He wolfed down the scrambled eggs and sausages fast.

they were gone 
from the plate in 19 seconds.

Joker then started licking the ceramic dish all over till it was clean
He pulled his head up to look at her, his tongue going up and around his messy face 
that was stained yellow with egg yolk now.

"I can't believe this", Harley said to herself on what she witnessed.
She took the plate from in front of Joker who was now hanging his tongue out and panting, if he still had a tail he would be without a doubt wagging it.

Everything was 
so clear to Harley now.

" I think you still have 
the mind of a.. dog".


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