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Chapter 3 - Harley's new pudding, the end of a reign of terror.

(Sequel to Harley's barking mad revenge)

Chapter 3 - Harley's new pudding, the end of a reign of terror.

Chapter 3 - Harley's new pudding, the end of a reign of terror.

Harley Quinn sat on the edge 
of her bed with her hands on her face next to Joker 
who was human again.. but only on a psychical scale, 
mentally he was still very much a dog.

"This has to be another nightmare", Harley said glancing at the Joker 
who was now trying to lay his head on her lap like any faithful dog would do.

"please.. don't do that", Harley gently pushed him off 
 because she wasn't in the mood. 

Joker whined
and backed off away from her.

Harley looked over at him 
somewhat sadly then.

"Look I know you can't probably understand me any more 
but it's all my fault Mister J.. I never should have turned you into a canine
I just wanted the mistreatment to stop".

Jokers simple canine mind could sense things a human mind wouldn't
which was that his master was sad.

He pushed her hand up with his nose and sat on her lap again
with his head on his hands.

Harley looked down at him again 
a tiny smile grew on her face.

She without reluctance placed her hand on his back 
and rubbed it back and forth.

"It's not going to be fun having to train you to walk, talk 
and or wear clothes again pudding but what choice do I have?".

Arf, said Joker before rolling over, exposing his White tummy to her.

"You want me to rub your belly for ya?", she asked softly.

Joker gave her 
puppy dog eyes in response.

"Okay then", Harley then started stroking him there
like he wanted.

Of all the things she had done with Joker in her life
this was one of the strangest.

After that session of affection Joker wanted to give some to Harley himself.

He righted himself up again planting his feet on the bed and 
edged towards Harley's face, his tongue was starting to poke out from behind his red lips.

Harley knew exactly what he was going to do to her
and held her hands in front of him to block him.

"No no licking no Mister J I haven't even had a shower yet,"
Joker didn't listen, he just pushed his way right through her hand shield.

"No no please ewww gosh 
stop that tickles heh heh".

Harley's face was getting coated in saliva.

"I'm going to need about 30 baby wipes after this," 
she chuckled.

Very soon she left the bed to head to the bathroom, 
Joker was showing never seen before loyalty, he trailed right at her feet behind her.

Using a wash cloth, Harley washed the human slobber off of her face
 and started her planning to train Joker to talk again, even though 
it would not be an easy task.

She went out into the loungeroom 
after that with a happily panting Joker
still clinging to her side.

 A few seconds later and she was sitting on the couch with him.

"Okay Joker now the time has come
where I teach you to speak again".

"First we are going to learn to say hello, 
now listen closely to me okay", Harley said.

Joker scratched at his ear
 and looked at her intently.

"Can you say He-"

Rarrf, Joker replied back.

Harley gave a sigh 
but reminded herself to be patient.

She would get her pudding talking again
even if it took a whole year.

She said this to him several times with 
every answer being either Rarf or Arf.

"This is going to take a while".

Harley wouldn't give up 
on him though.

"Come on Joker please say He- 
just for me".

Joker soon caught on, knowing how much she 
wanted him to make this unusual sound.

Rar- Reh- Rrrreeh.

Harley grew hopeful
 hearing his attempts.

"Come on I know you can do it pudding, just replace the R with H
it's a piece of cake."

Joker cocked his head 
to the side, "Hhheell".

"Wow your learning fast", Harley said with surprise and delight
ignoring the fact that what he produced sounded like hell.

Something in Jokers 
canine like brain then flipped an internal switch.

"Helllloooo", he drawled.

"Oh my gosh.. you did it pudding 
you learned to say hello!".

Harley felt like 
crying tears of joy.

"Hello Hello Hello", Joker barked out excitedly, his non existent tail thumping. 

"If you can learn to say hello 
you can learn other words too".

Joker looked at her, his tongue hanging out of the side of his 
mouth and his brows raised.

Harley then made a commitment and that was to teach Joker
 at least 4 new words each day.

An hour later after some more speech training 
Joker could now say very clearly the words Hello, Harley and Help and his own name.

Harley decided it was now 
the time to give him a big test to see 
how far he could talk.

She pointed to herself.

 "Now Joker, what is my name?".

Joker looked at her silently for a moment 
before speaking.

'Rrrrarly.. Harley", he said semi brightly.

"Yes that is correct Joker, 
my name is Harley, jeez for someone with a dogs mind you sure are a smart cookie ".

Joker stared at her blankly like 
a dog who had just heard something odd, eliciting a giggle from her.

"Now can you tell me 
what your name is".

"Harley, Arf", Joker gently 
barked joyfully.

"Noooo silly, your name is Joker".


Harley gave him a nod as if to say that is correct
before looking at his bare body.

"Stay put I'll be right back'.
Harley got up and left the room for a moment.

When she came back 
she was holding up one of his purple suits ready to place it bottom first 
down and over his head.

Joker scuttled to the end of the couch ready to leap off of it, there was no way he would let her put that on him.
If he still had pointed ears he would've flopped them right back.

Harley cluld see that he wasn't going to cooperate 
but she stayed firm with him.

"Come on Joker you need your clothes on, I can't have ya running around like this with nothing on".

Joker shook his head and whined and moaned 
slumping his head on the couches arm rest, having a sort of doggie tantrum.


Harley stifled 
a giggle at that.

It was after all pretty 
funny to see.

"Now now don't give me that puppy act
if you don't let me put your clothes on-" Harley had a great idea then.

"You won't get a treat".

Joker's head 
perked up hearing the magical word.

Now was Harleys chance.

But she would have to be quick.

She snuck over behind the couch with the clothing held tight in her hands
When Joker was sitting up properly, completely oblivious to where Harley had gone off to.

without hesitation the 
young blonde haired lady pounced.

She pulled the suit right over the top of Jokers head and grabbed his waist 
to keep him from moving too much.

Poor Joker began to freak out seeing nothing 
but the colour purple in front of his eyes and nose.

He barked yelped ,and snapped 
trying to throw the suit off of his head in a panic
and attempting to break free of Harley's hold.

Harley pulled it down further 
till his head was visible again.

His arms were still stuck unfortunately
because he had little intention and no knowledge 
of how to pull them out through the sleeves.

Harley helped him without that luckily.

"Hmm you now definitely
 need some pants".

she looked down then, "and underwear as well".

Joker sat there, sniffing and pawing 
at the purple suit he was now wearing.

When he decided he did not like
what he was wearing he tried 
ripping it apart with his teeth.

Harley though 
put a stop to that.

"Ack! No Joker no no leave it on", She went up to him and moved his head away from the suits fabric 
which had teeth marks in it already.

Next up was getting pants on him 
which would be far more difficult.

Joker just kicked them away 
from his legs with a growl.

Harley felt 
more annoyed now.

It was like dealing 
with a stubborn child.

"Joker quit being a pain in the @$$".

It took a considerable amount of effort but Harley was filled 
with determination and managed to get his pants and underwear on 
in a span of 4 minutes.

"Phew finally done".

 Jokers stomach started to rumble and gurgle.

Hearing that noise made Harley 
realise that she had forgotten about something important.

"Oh crap It's past lunch time now".

Harley slapped her hand 
to her forehead with an audible smack.

She looked at Jokers hungry face.

"Stay there pudding
 I'll be back very soon".


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