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Chapter 4 - Harley's new pudding, lunch time.

(Sequel to Harley's barking mad revenge)

Chapter 4 - Harley's new pudding, lunch time.

Chapter 4 - Harley's new pudding, lunch time.

Harley was peering her head 
into the refrigerator.

"Hmm pasta and veggies 
do seem nice for lunch".

She took out the left overs from last nights dinner 
and placed them in the microwave
to heat up for two minutes.

Once it was ready to eat she went over to the couch 
where Joker was still and sat down.

He saw the delicious food in her hands 
and started drooling and pawing at her knee.


"You'll get your food after.. 
don't know what exactly I'm going to feed ya though".

Harley couldn't possibly imagine him 
eating dog food now that he was 
he had a human digestive system again

Joker smelt the air started looking over 
towards the kitchen.

"What is it?".

Harley looked in the direction 
he was facing.

There on the floor, in the corner of a wall 
was Jokers food bowl from when he was actually a dog.. and it was still full.

Harley turned to him 
and shrugged.

"Very well then, if you want to eat pet food
I ain't stopping ya.

Joker stared at the food 
dish hungrily.

"Just don't come crawling to me whining 
and whimpering when you get a belly ache".

Joker jumped off 
from the couch on all fours and he crawled to the food bowl.

Even with his baggy purple sleeves almost engulfing his hands
he didn't have much difficulty moving about in a canine manner.

His canid mind was adapting fast to its human form.

This meant he could probably still eat what dogs could 
while suffering no ill effects.

Joker smelt the brown meaty slop in the bowl 
before plunging his face in, eating it to his leisure.

Harley watched from far away 
eating her own food with a knife and fork.

"Maybe mister J is better off staying like this", Harley said 
to herself quietly.

She had already made up her mind 
that she keep Joker as a dog minded human.

He seemed much happier 
like this anyway.

Joker continued 
to lap up the last of the dog chow.

 It looked like he was really enjoying it
despite how disgusting it all seemed.

"I should give him some obedience training in a minute".


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