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Chapter 5 - Harley's new pudding, time for more training

(Sequel to Harley's barking mad revenge)

Chapter 5 - Harley's new pudding, time for more training

Chapter 5 - Harley's new pudding, time for more training
Joker was soon finished 
with eating his food.

Harley that see he would need 
his face wiped clean with a wet cloth.

That was because he now had brown gravy 
like stains all around his mouth and purple suit.

"Boy what a messy eater".

She was wondering if Joker 
even needed to wear his suit.

 He was going be nothing more then a pet now 
and besides he did find it hard to 
walk on all fours with it on.

Her mind was 
made up.

(Whistle whistle) "Come here Mister J, I'll get that annoying old suit off for ya".

Joker came scampering over to Harley
and sat down on his rump.

Harley then proceeded to strip him of his suit, pants 
and undergarments.

He was now completely stark naked again
save for his green and purple dog collar.

Joker seemed really happy 
to finally be free of the clothing 
that was too hot and stuffy on his body.

He showed his gratitude to 
Harley with a friendly lick to the hand.

Harley giggled
 and gave him a scratch under the chin.

"I don't care what anyone will think 
you are a good dog Mister J".

"Gwood.. dwog", Joker suddenly said.

Harley was pleasantly 
surprised to hear that coming from his mouth 
Especially because she didn't even try to teach him those words.

"Incredible.. I didn't even have to teach you 
to say that".

Joker happily panted 
before giving a short bark.

Like she said she would do before, 
Harley began the training with Joker.

First though she cleaned off his filthy face.

Harley got to work then.

He was first taught quickly to sit, stay, beg,
 and a few other things.

 This was likely because of the high intelligence 
he possessed and that he knew just what to do 
when Harley told him a few times.

He barely was even a shadow 
of his former self.

Later that day Joker had 
settled down for a nap on the sofa.

Harley meanwhile had snuck out and got some 
dog supplies from the pet store.

Joker soon had a proper bed to sleep in, 
some chew toys and a couple of other important things like a leash 
and some more pet food.

the formerly clown prince of crime was 
all set for his new life as a human dog now.

The next day which was Thursday the 15th was originally supposed to be the very day 
when Joker would blow up the Gotham city elementary school 
with a pair of clown faced bombs 

But instead of that
 he lay at Harley's feet chewing on a dog bone contently
while Harley watched the late evening news on television.

There was a big news report on the Joker 
because he and Harley hadn't been seen by anyone in the city lately,
 not even the batman himself.

But that did not mean the caped crusader 
wasn't still searching for them.

"I swear.. if that pointy eared bozo as so much as laid a single batarang on you 
I would grab my mallet and turn him into a flat bat pancake", Harley growled, cracking her knuckles.

Joker cringed at the sound.

His master seemed angry 
he wasn't quite sure why though.


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