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Chapter 6 - Harley's new pudding, bath time for Joker.

(Sequel to Harley's barking mad revenge)

Chapter 6 - Harley's new pudding, bath time for Joker.

Chapter 6 - Harley's new pudding, bath time for Joker.

(Two weeks later)

"He's planning something I know it Alfred
what other reason would be why he's hiding away 
for longer then a week,".

Batman was sitting in front of the bat computer 
trying find any clues to Jokers whereabouts.

His faithful butler Alfred was standing 
quietly by his side holding a tray with a cup of tea.

"Maybe he's been placed 
in a institute outside of Gotham sir."

Batman thought about that for a moment
before shaking his head.

"Well.. that seems unlikely then I guess,"

I've already asked the GCPD and the Arkham asylum staff 
if Joker had been relocated to another area.
Theres only one way for me to find 
out now... ask Harley Quinn."

"You mean the Jokers little blonde hench girl?


"will she even tell you where
 he is though sir."

"Harley Quinns usually not as dangerous without the Joker
keep an eye on the cave while I'm gone," batman 
said standing up and heading over to where the batmobile was parked.

"Sir your gonna miss 
the cup of tea though".

"Sorry Alfred no time".

(Meanwhile back at the hideout)

Joker had been adjusting more and more perfectly to his canine life style
.but that didn't mean he was easy to look after. 

Today he had been out in the yard of the hideout 
which was an an abandoned home. chasing after birds, 
rolling around on the grass and digging in the dirt.

Harley knew that he would 
need a  bath right away. 

This was Something 
that she was not looking forward to. 

Neither was Joker.

He was kicking his legs out and whining and moaning 
almost as soon as she was carrying him up into the bathroom.

"Come on mister J, a nice warm bath is not all that scary
besides I can't have you tracking dirt and muck all over the floor,".

She did everything she could to keep a hold of him
as he was squirming and wriggling in her arms.

"Harrrely," Joker whined, throwing out his arms 
he dug his finger nails into the plaster of the walls and was hanging on tight.

She tried pulling him off there.

" No boy.. don't do that.. you'll damage the paint."

Joker just clung 
onto those walls like a koala.

Harley had a good laugh at that.

He reminded her 
of one of those funny Internet video dogs at that moment.

"Your about as funny as a real dog is."

Joker still wouldn't let go
so Harley pulled and tugged him 
towards her as gently as she could.

"Your as difficult as a real dog is too," she groaned.

Harley soon had an idea.

She knew another 
thing that dogs went gaga for other 
then treats and belly rubs.

"Mister J if you be a good human doggy, and let go of the wall
 so I can give you a bath we might go for a walk after."

Jokers head perked his head up 
upon hearing that key word and began to bark noisily.

This was because she hadn't taught him 
yet how to say walk.

Harley seized her chance and pulled his limbs down 
to make him release his hold on the wall finally.

She rushed into the bathroom, dropped Joker into the waiting tub which didn't hurt him thankfully, 
turned on the cold water tap and went over to close the door.

The dog minded clown was having none of it and jumped 
out of the bath almost as soon as she put him down in there.

Harley turned around towards him, frowned and pointed in the direction of the bath 
that was filling up with water.

"get back in that tub, she said sternly."

Joker bared his teeth and turned his head.

"No," he said simply.

Harley rolled her eyes,
 she was seriously getting tired of this.

He was starting to sound more like a toddler
 then a clown with a dogs brain.

Joker just layed down on the bath mat.

"Don't make me drag you into there," Harley warned him.

He still wouldn't 
move though.

Harley went over to him to let him know 
she wasn't bluffing.

She grabbed him from under the arms and dragged the franticly 
 barking white skinned man into the bath tub 
like she said she would do.

"Your not making this any easier for ya self," Harley said holding him still with one hand 
and using her other one to grab a bottle of shampoo just on the edge of the bathtub.

Joker struggled more.

"Just.. Hold... Still." 

Harley drenched his green locks 
in the raspberry scented hair product 
and began rubbing it in.

Then after about 5 minutes of intense scrubbing and rinsing it was all done
and Joker was clean as a whistle.

"There now that wasn't so bad wasn't it".

Joker looked at her blankly 
before jumping out.

He shook 
himself dry then.

Silly boy, Harley giggled to herself.

Hopefully the walk wouldn't 
be as hard as this was.

First though.. She needed to put 
some pants on Joker 
even if they were just short ones.


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