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Chapter 1 - 50 Things Worse Than Homework

Here are the 50 things worse than homework that involve the Soul Calibur series and its characters. I was inspired by an issue of WWE Kids magazine to do this.

Chapter 1 - 50 Things Worse Than Homework

Chapter 1 - 50 Things Worse Than Homework
1. File corruptions

2. Not being able to defeat Abyss, Night Terror or Algol

3. Learning that Darth Vader is your real father

4. Trying to understand Voldo or Lizardman

5. Letting Zasalamel near Don Imus

6. Having Ivy as your babysitter

7. Peeing your pants when an evil character shows up

8. Finding out Olcadan is your substitute teacher

9. Trying to buy things you can't afford from Valeria, Hualin or Lynette

10. Carrying a female character's shopping bags

11. Being sent to bed before you can complete Chronicles of the Sword

12. Losing a chicken fight to Yoda

13. Accidentally cutting yourself on Tira's ring blade

14. Spending Thanksgiving with Raphael and Amy

15. Changing Maxi's hair gel

16. Being Cassandra

17. Watching Pirates of the Caribbean with Cervantes

18. Learning that Li Long or Hwang won't be in Soul Calibur IV

19. Not having enough parts to create your desired character

20. Having to sit behind Astaroth at the movies

21. Asking Setsuka for her umbrella on a rainy day

22. Arm-wrestling Rock

23. Doing a character's laundry

24. Losing a fencing duel to Raphael

25. Accidentally using Ivy's hair dye instead of shampoo

26. The Red Ring of Death

27. Bringing Soul Edge to show and tell

28. Using Kilik's staff in pole vaulting

29. Having to sit through Talim's boring cheerleading routine

30. The fact that there is no "mimic character" in Soul Calibur IV

31. Accidentally sneezing on Hilde

32. Angering Nightmare

33. Discovering that the Apprentice is your long-lost brother

34. Having to go to the bathroom

35. Inviting Greed and Miser to your birthday party

36. Greed and Miser actually showing up to your birthday party


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QueenofRed on July 31, 2008, 1:22:45 AM

QueenofRed on
QueenofRedlol thats true XD
# 17: is the best lol