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Chapter 2 - 20 Ways to Make Gyoku Zap your Sorry Ass to Oblivion

Want to Torture anybody from the Hyper Active Byakuya to the Brash, Tempermental and Foul Mouthed Kana? This Guide is just the thing! Each chapter shows 20 ways to annoy or humililiate your favourite characters!

Chapter 2 - 20 Ways to Make Gyoku Zap your Sorry Ass to Oblivion

Chapter 2 - 20 Ways to Make Gyoku Zap your Sorry Ass to Oblivion

20 Ways to Make Gyoku Zap your @$$ to Oblivion[br]

1. Talk about Twilight nonstop and add "Edward Cullen is so hott" Every 10 seconds[br]
2. Steal her Mp3 Player[br]
3. Replace all of her walkable shoes with 3 inck stiletto heels.[br]
4. Sneak her sugar stash out of her reach.[br]
5. Give her a wedgie.[br]
6. Tackle her to the ground.[br]
7. Challenge her to play Expert on Guitar Hero (She can only play Medium XD)[br]
8. Get drunk at the most inappropriate time and start singing "Your Beautiful" By James Blunt to her off key.[br]
9. Snap her Goggles on her head.[br]
10. Hold a package of rockets over your head and starty eating them. (Only works if you are tall)[br]
11. Start Preforming Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus songs while she's studying.[br]
12. Start crying randomly and when she askes you what's wrong, tell her you broke up with your boyfriend/Girfriend because one of your close friends hugged you. (Ahaha True storry..... >_>)[br]
13. Steal her jeans and replace them with smaller ones.[br]
14. Dye her clothes pink.[br]
15. Tell her that Nickelback sucks.[br]
16. Hide her goggles up in a tree.[br]
17. Fill her wardrobe with skirts and dresses.[br]
18. Bookmark M rated Yaoi fics on her computer.[br]
19. Upload her reaction on Youtube.[br]
20.Cut her hair in her sleep.[br]


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Ollie_is_da_bomb on December 1, 2008, 10:37:05 AM

Ollie_is_da_bomb on
Ollie_is_da_bombLmaooooo. XD A good amount of these would get Tomo pissed off too. XDD

Us: :D