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It's based on a dream I had recently... well, three of them.
Apologies to Kewi, Janetta, Ellie, and Reimu. You weren't in this dream...
I hope you guys will be in the next one!
For 12+, just in case
Anne, an Asperger Child born from a giant water lily, is trying to find out what/who she was born from. People are trying to stop her, but she won''t give up!
The war between Earth and DIAMOND is more extensive than you know.

(This story is based on another that has not yet been completed and is subject to change)
It seems that blood soaked chapter of the invasion on Demonic''''s organization is ready to be forgotten. However, one refuses to forget, much less, to forgive.
Reign Lakes, the first ever female knightmaster of the kingdom of Gervdel.

[ Under Construction ]
A world of magic...
...Pain and hurt...
Where you have to beleive in yourself... become more than anything ever before...
..You have to look within yourself..
Starry-eyed Kazutria Deneuve always aspired to become a huge band. The name being "Falling Star." Little did he know that his dreams were about to blossom, while he, Kyo Keene and Kiyoshi Wells-Cleaver hustle their way to the top of the charts
A story with my original character, Akuro Heavest.
These are the many adventures of my Oringal comic book charecters, Supreme Team X! The members include Dash, Katie, Sarina, and Tyson!
Dolosus, a skilled assassin, has already failed once in the murder of a particularly annoying enemy. When given another chance, its clear that another failure wont be tolerated. Are bloodlust and determination enough to succeed?
After putting down the first book, you study the second; a leather bound book, stating on the inside:


It's a bigger book than the last one,you enjoy reading, so you turn the cover over and begin to read
well, this describes breifly the history of Gaiacarius (the planet on which it takes place.)
Narrated by Maaku Sukatto.
The adventures of Mischief {Rei} and Blood Shadow {Mike} two metahumans
A Student choice piece started at my school. I thought i'd post it and continue it here at FAC! It's kinda like, Harry Potter meets Superheroes! Hoot!
My manga series.
Its a school assignment I decided to blast over the 'net. Its about a boy's troubles with a girl and an advice-giving friend. Please enjoy


otherwise known as Chiisuchi
It's a comic/story thing I've been working on for I think a half year now. The prologue may not have a place in the comic though. All characters (c) me
Read it!! X3
(dunno why the title is that..but anyway, this is a doujinshi I'm doing, made into a novel! :D )

An average Japanese middle schooler was walking to her home in Canada, when an red,shy,and sweet alien appears in the shortcut she takes, warning her about
This is redone. Burner doesn't have much creativity...
A manga Jess -starvigmoose- and I are writting. Frindle is a boy that was placed in a psyciatric youth care center because he can see the supernatural. But what the dactors don't know.... Over half of the kids there have nothing REALLY wrong with them. Th
Frindle sees the supernatural and lives in a pscyciatric youth care... place... o_O;;
Raiden X is the name of my up coming manga
Strange things are happening to Mort. He's had this one dream as long as he could remember and now he's wondering if it was a repressed memory. If it had happened why weren't the other villagers warned about this man? Was the King apart of it?