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Chapter 1 - Me, Yu, and Sora

When the author's world is connected, she goes on a quest through time with Yuffie and Riku to find her way home. Appearances by the casts of FF7&8. Rated PG just to be safe. For anyone who's ever wanted to travel to other worlds. Comments please!

Chapter 1 - Me, Yu, and Sora

Chapter 1 - Me, Yu, and Sora
Chapter 1

        Hello! This is my first fanfic ever, so R&R please, I need all the help- I mean advice- I can get. This is the fifth (and hopefully final!) time I’ve re-written this thing, so here’s the deal for the new format: thoughts are in single quotation marks, and dialogue is in double. Got it? Good. If you’ve never played Kingdom Hearts, FF9, FF8 or FF7, be warned: This does have some spiolers in it! It is set a liittle before KH2, so I gues you could call it KH 1 3/4. It's based off all the knowledge I've aquired playing the games, visitng, and reading the KH manga. However, I have not played KH2 and never finished COM, so there may be some bloopers. And before you ask, yes, the main character is me and is partially based off of my life two years ago “partially” being the key word here. It's up to you to guess what parts are real and what is made up. And no, I do not really talk to Yuffie in my head. (I used to be a scitzophrenic, which is what inspired this, oddly enough, but I'm over it now)

                Disclaimer: All hail, great Square Enix! (Bows excessively and falls over her own feet) I own none of the characters except myself, so don’t sue me please! You wouldn’t get very much anyway.

With that aside, on with the story!


        It was that wonderful day of the week named Friday, and sitting down at the computer, I ran through the same routine I always did after school: click the e-mail shortcut, get online, and start typing.


       I'm terribly excited (in other words, barely restraining myself from shouting for joy) because I have a new game to try out called "Kingdom Hearts." You may have heard of it before, it's pretty popular. What makes it particularly enticing to me is that is produced by two of my favorite companies: Squaresoft (they made Final Fantasy) and Disney Interactive. The result: Disney characters interacting with Manga-looking people, including some FF characters (and Moogles!) Can you imagine Goofy in a battle? Hard to visualize, but possible!

I'm feeling pretty good, at least for today. I hope it lasts through the weekend. I'm transferring to yet another medication. The results can be unpredictable. I just wish that there was a medicine for bad emotions, just like aspirin covers physical pain. Maybe I'll have to invent it myself : )


        I clicked “send” and leaned back with a sigh. Ahhh, the weekend. Where would we poor high school students be without you? Time to sleep, send e-mail, and, most importantly, play video games.

        Abandoning the computer, I plopped down in front of the TV, eagerly popped in my KH disc and settled back, my fingers in their familiar places on the controller. A few minutes later, I was deep in the game- so deep that I played for three hours straight. After all, what better way is there to spend time?

        The next morning, I woke up, stretched, and felt absolutely no desire to get out of bed. I was feeling relaxed and happy, for once. Sadness had become an all too familiar companion since I had been diagnosed with depression that spring. And let me tell you, it sucks! Pasting a smile on your face every day and automatically responding “I’m fine,” every time someone asked how I was doing, no matter how miserable I was. Switching from one medicine to the other, hoping to find some relief from the constant anxiety gnawing away at me, and so on, and so forth. ‘Nuff said. I was lucky to have a friend who seemed happy no matter what the circumstances. Speaking of which...

        ‘Morning, Sunshine!’ Yuffie chirped, her voice annoyingly loud in my mind.

        ‘Whadda you want?’ I griped. (I am NOT a morning person)

        ‘Oh, nothing.... just thought you’d like to meet someone.’ I could just visualize her self-satisfied smirk. ‘Sora, meet Melanie.’

        ‘What?!!’ I blurted and sat bolt upright in bed as Yuffie, giggling hysterically at my surprise, prodded a new presence into my not-quite-awake mind.

        ‘Um,... hi,’ said the new voice tentatively. ‘I’m Sora’. Mistaking my stunned silence for anger, he promptly added, ‘Look, this was HER idea!’

        ‘Nonononono, I’m not mad. Well, not at you, anyway,’ I added as Yuffie continued to giggle. ‘It’s just that I don’t appreciate being put on the spot this early in the morning.’

        ‘Me either,’ Sora agreed. I sent a burst of anger at Yuffie, and, quickly joined by Sora, proceeded with some well-deserved bashing.

         Allow me to clarify a few things: First and foremost, I may be depressed, but I am NOT schizophrenic. I am telepathic. There is a difference between talking to voices that don’t exist and those that do.

        I’m pretty much a passive, shy, quiet kind of girl. I’m pathetic at sports, and I would definitely lose in a fight. I do have some strengths, however. I’m pretty smart, and a typical response I get when showing people my report card is “You little @$#! How’d you pull that off?” I love music and art, and am talented in both.. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m also a total game freak. I especially love FFVII and Kingdom Hearts. My fave character? You guessed it- none other than Yuffie.

         So, it’s really no surprise that we have this... connection. I know, that isn’t much of a description, but it’s hard to explain. Lemme see...It’s almost like being in a chatroom on the ‘net. You’re just surfing along when you bump into someone, and pretty soon you get talking. Only you don’t really hear the words with your ears. When you’re reading a story (like this one, for instance,) you “hear” the words, but it’s all in your head. It’s the same with telepathy. The really neat thing is that you can send emotions as well as words. The phrase “I know how you feel” takes on a whole new meaning. Very intense emotions are easier to broadcast. Which brings me to how I met Yuffie.

        I was sitting and staring into space, daydreaming (a pretty common occurrence for me) when I suddenly felt really hurt and angry. It was pretty weird, considering that I wasn’t angry, it was more like hearing a fight in the hallway while sitting in class. So, figuratively speaking, I walked out the classroom door to see what was going on. Whoever was feeling so frustrated, she needed to chill. ‘Hey, settle down,’ I thought. I was surprised to get a thought back.

        ‘Settle down?! After what he said to me...’

        ‘It’s okay, just calm down.’

        ‘Why should you care? Then, as realization hit, Who are you anyway?’

        A warning to my readers: Do not attempt to make friends with someone who just had a fight with their dad. Introductions are a lot harder that way.

        I didn’t trust Yuffie any further that I could throw her, and, needless to say, she was pretty freaked out when I told her I knew all about her already. (‘A video game?! Are you trying to tell me that you learned all this by playing a video game?!’) It took time- a LOT of time- before we finally trusted each other. After all, we’re almost total opposites. I even tend to think of her as my alter-ego. But underneath it all, we’re both just two teenage girls, with our own hopes and dreams.


So, what did you think? Was it any good? A waste of time? Worth a review? Bad enough to flame? Please let me know, reviews make me happy! -ChocoChick87


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