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Chapter 2 - Connection

When the author's world is connected, she goes on a quest through time with Yuffie and Riku to find her way home. Appearances by the casts of FF7&8. Rated PG just to be safe. For anyone who's ever wanted to travel to other worlds. Comments please!

Chapter 2 - Connection

Chapter 2 - Connection
Chapter 2

Take that and that and that and that...’ I jabbed at the buttons exuberantly, smelling victory. After several long, hard battles, I thought I finally Sephiroth beat.

‘What are you doing?’ asked Sora.

‘I’m about to win a major battle. Wanna see?’ We’d been working on sending images to each other after Yuffie had caught me visualizing my crush. (Another story, don’t ask)

‘Sure,’ Sora replied. I focused on the screen, watching his image and trying to project it to him.

‘Wow, cooooool.... I look’

‘Sorry, I’m having a hard time focusing. How’s this?’ I concentrated even harder on Sora, forgetting the Sephiroth completely. Big mistake.

WHAM! Sephy teleported behind me and delt a devastating blow, sending my HP into a nosedive. I would’ve been dead if I hadn’t equipped Second Chance.

‘Aaaargh! Look what you made me do!’ I yelled as I noticed the near-empty HP guage.

‘Hey, it’s not my fault! You’re the one who’s half blind!’

‘Oh yeah, well you-’ I was abruptly snapped back to reality as my little sister (age 13) ran into the room.

“Guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat?! There’s a TON of shooting stars outside! You’ve GOTTA see them!” I sighed and turned off the PS2 as she ran off through the house, repeating the message at the top of her lungs.

In less than five minutes, my family was assembled our large front porch, including all five cats. We (including the cats) were all kicked back in lawn chairs to enjoy the spectacle. Out in the small rural community where we lived, there was no light pollution or tall buildings to obstruct the view. The sky stretched out above our heads, a deep blue backdrop to trillions of glittering points.

“I’ve never seen so many before. They’re so beautiful...” my mom murmured.

“Not as beautiful as you,” my dad replied, and proceeded to kiss her in the starlight.

“Eeeeew, gross! Don’t look!” my little sister yelled, and I began to make gagging noises. Actually, even thought they embarrassed me sometimes, I was glad to have parents who loved each other. I had seen too many of my friends have to deal with divorce. Also, it didn’t hurt that they loved me, too.

“Daddy, what makes shooting stars?”my littlest sister ( age 9, not to be confused with my little sister) asked.

“Well, when meteors enter the atmosphere, they burn up, creating light.” I could tell she was still confused, so I joked, “Either that, or our world’s been connected and is about to be invaded by the heartless.”

My other sister sighed. “You spend WAAAY too much time playing that game.”

“It’s called Kingdom Hearts. And I do not!”

“Girls, girls, settle down,” My dad coaxed. “It’s time to go inside anyway.”

“Aww, do we have to?” My littlest sister complained.

“Yes. It’s almost your bedtime,” my mom declared. Pouting, the afore-mentioned sister stomped her way into the house, followed by the others. I trailed behind, hoping to catch another glimpse of a shooting star. They had been so awesome...

I spotted something black, with yellow eyes, sitting on the ground in front of me. “Oh, hello Midnight,” I said, and stepped closer to pet the cat between his ears (his favorite spot). Then I stopped, a scream rising in my throat. I could see the figure more clearly now. And it definitely wasn’t a cat.

The scream I had been fighting to suppress escaped from my throat. A shadow?! I had to be hallucinating. Had I forgotten to take my meds? No, it was standing right in front of me, it’s antennae twitching in my direction. My family, hearing the scream, abruptly reversed direction and came pouring back out through the door.

“What’s the matt-” My mom caught her breath as she saw the creature.

“A heartless..” my littlest sister whimpered.

“Don’t move honey,” my dad whispered. “I’ll get it from behind” For a person who had suddenly come face to face with a monster from a video game, he seemed pretty calm. That is, until it turned and launched itself at him.

I screamed again, this time joined my both my sisters. Shadows began appearing from the, er...shadows, crawling across the floor, and then suddenly popping up to attack.

“Get back in the house!” My dad shouted, shoving the shadow off of him. “GET IN THE HOUSE!”

We all scrambled to obey, when suddenly, the house was surrounded by a ribbon of pale green light. It flowed around us, and down the street as far as I could see.

“The lifestream...” I whispered in awe. “Earth’s trying to defend itself!” The shadows shrunk away from the brilliant light, scrambling to get away. As I watched them go, I thought I heard...voices...calling...from the many voices...what where they saying? I stepped closer.

“Who...who are you?” I whispered.

The calling became stronger. In a trance, I reached out to touch the shimmering light. “It feels...warm,” I turned to smile at my family, only to see them staring at me in horror. This snapped out of my dreamlike state. “What?” I demanded.

“Get away from it!” my mom shrieked . I looked at my hand. It was slowly being drawn into the lifestream! It was sucking me up like a vacuum cleaner! I screamed for the third time that evening as the rest of my arm was drawn in. I struggled to pull away, but was pulled in faster. I was surrounded by the glowing energy, being sucked towards a hole in the sky...The voices suddenly changed from beckoning calls to cries of pain. My own voice joined them as I passed through the hole...and then everything went black.


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