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Chapter 4 - Wakey Wakey!

When the author's world is connected, she goes on a quest through time with Yuffie and Riku to find her way home. Appearances by the casts of FF7&8. Rated PG just to be safe. For anyone who's ever wanted to travel to other worlds. Comments please!

Chapter 4 - Wakey Wakey!

Chapter 4 - Wakey Wakey!
Chapter 4

There was darkness all around me, so intense I thought I could reach out and touch it. This had to be a bad dream, that was it. I would wake up soon...

“The invasion was a success,” a voice cut through the darkness. “The world’s inhabitants
were totally unprepared.”

“That is not what matters.” Another voice. Oooh, I wished I would wake up. “Have you found what we’re looking for?”

“I believe so.” I felt their attention turn to me. I now knew what it was like to be a bug under a microscope. “Observe this one’s heart. There is a darkness surrounding it. It seems to be some type of illness.” There was a sudden flare of light. I gasped as I saw my heart beaming inside my chest, glowing pink . It was surrounded by a bubble of light- a shield or wall?- which was in turn being poked and probed by tentacles of darkness, seeking a way in.

“An illness of the heart... this could be very useful to our cause. Keep an eye on this one.”

Suddenly, I was released from their scrutiny. The darkness pressed in around me, even closer than before, and I lost awareness of everything.


Sighing in boredom, I went over my throwing stars once again with the sharpening stone. Was this out-worlder going to sleep forever? This was getting old, and fast. Of course, somebody had to be there when she woke up, to explain things and get her oriented. Since Leon was visiting Cid, and Aerith was busy planning out the agriculture, the task fell to me. I felt so much like a third wheel sometimes. I wanted to get out and DO something, not just sit around waiting on knocked-out refugees.

I took a look at my charge. She seemed about my age and height, with long brown hair, and a delicate build. She sorta looked brainy. Maybe it was the misplaced pencil behind her ear. Suddenly, she twitched and gave a low moan.

I leaned over the bed, and watched as her eyelids began to flutter. “Anybody home?” I inquired. Another moan. “Come, on, I know you’re in there.” This time, she seemed to go limp and fall back asleep. Not again! I was getting impatient.


“Wakey wakey!” a girls voice demanded. Was it time for school already? Gee, I’d been having some really awful nightmares.

“Oh, go away, Julia,” I groaned, thinking my little sister was bothering me. “Gimme five more minutes.”

“Five more minutes? I’ve been waiting long enough already!” Something was definitely not right. That wasn’t my sister’s voice...

I opened my eyes and sat up, rubbing my forehead. Whoa! This wasn’t my bedroom. Where was I? Suddenly, everything snapped into place. The shooting stars, the heartless, the portal...My world had been connected! As if this wasn’t enough of a shock already, the person I’d been speaking to leaned into my frame of vision. It was a face I knew all too well.


Well, she was obviously awake now. I leaned ever further in to look her in the eye. An eye which was bugging out. I knew she would be confused, even scared, but was she supposed to be this freaked out? I wished Aerith was there, she knew how to handle these kinds of things better that I did. I was going to tell her to calm down, but she spoke before I did.

‘Y-Yuffie?!’ she stammered. I was totally freaked out.“How you know my name?” I demanded. She shook her head, still trying got come to grips with it all. ‘Don’t you recognize me?’ “How could I? I’ve never seen you before in my life!” This was really weird, and about to get even weirder, if that was possible.

‘I didn’t say anything!’ she squeaked. “Yes you did, I heard you!” I argued. ‘Look at me,’ she instructed. “I am looking at you!” I pointed out. She sighed in exasperation, then said, ‘Look at my mouth. Are my lips moving?’ Incredibly, they weren’t, and I told her so. Then it hit me. “You’re- You’re telepathic!” ‘You’re missing the point,’ she replied. ‘Don’t you recognize me- my voice?’ I was hit by a load of bricks for the second time in the last fifteen minutes. “Melanie?” I asked incredulously. She nodded, too shaken up to speak. Words didn’t suffice me either. She’d ended up in my world! So expressed my excitement in another, non-verbal way.


My first spoken word in the new world was “Uumph!” as my ecstatic ninja friend hurled herself forward and proceed to squeeze the life out of me. “Can’t...breathe...!” I gaped out as she continued to suffocate me. This had absolutely no effect. Fortunately, I was saved from becoming a human pancake when the door to the room swung open.


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