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Chapter 9 - Riku

When the author's world is connected, she goes on a quest through time with Yuffie and Riku to find her way home. Appearances by the casts of FF7&8. Rated PG just to be safe. For anyone who's ever wanted to travel to other worlds. Comments please!

Chapter 9 - Riku

Chapter 9 - Riku
Chapter 9


There was a thud behind me, and I stopped panting long enough to look over my shoulder and see what had made it. Melanie, her face turning red from embarrassment and lack of oxygen, was trying to squirm out from under the silver-haired boy, who was apparently unconscious. (Her thoughts were somewhere along the lines of ‘having too much physical contact!’ Hehehe!) Cid, expressing his opinion of the situation in rather colorful language, tried to help her out from under him. I dragged the boy off her, and Cid in turn dragged her over to the railing, where she sat, gasping for breath. Smirking, I hauled the boy over to the railing and propped him against it, deliberately resting his head on her shoulder. “There,” I declared between breaths. “Are...we...comfortable?” I had the satisfaction of seeing her face go even redder (if that was possible) as I plopped down next to her. We both continued to huff and puff as Cid looked on, bemused. “So...” he finally said. “Where’d your little friend come from?” I took the liberty of explaining, as Melanie was still in shock from my little trick. By the time I finished, Cid was shaking his head. “This is @#$% nuts!” Then giving me a sidelong look, he asked, “Why’d you never tell me you could read minds?”

Later, on the cargo ship, Melanie watched in fascination as we flew through the gateway, which Cid had turned on and was now shimmering above the towers of the castle. The unconscious boy, who she had told me was named Riku, was strapped into the emergency co-pilot seat. I had, however, been tempted to take the seat myself, leaving her to be a human pillow for him during takeoff.

“So...this is why you told Sora this was your home, right?” she asked

“Yeah.” I answered. “Our homeworld and Squalls are both past that gate. We ended up in Hollow Bastion after the first invasion, and couldn’t find out how to get back. The gate had been closed...” I trailed off, remembering. “We made our way to Traverse Town after that.”

“Hmm...” She nodded, satisfied, and continued to gaze out the window as we passed through the gate and emerged in a different sector of interspace. Suddenly, Riku gave a low moan and before I could blink she was standing next to him.

“What’re we gonna do with him?” I wanted to know.

“I dunno. Maybe we should wait until he wakes up and see what he has to say for himself,” she said, bending over to look at his face. “I think he might be coming around...” She continued to look at him (a bit longer than necessary, in my opinion) and finally sighed. “I really can’t tell. Maybe we should contact Sora in the meantime.”

“Why Sora? Why not tell Aerith so she can pass it on to Leon? He does happen to be the leader of the committee, you know,” I questioned.

“Well, Riku happens to be Sora’s best friend.” She declared flatly.
I went into shock. “Sora’s best friend?! No way! I thought he was trapped in Kingdom Hearts!”

“Exactly. The portal led us to Kingdom Hearts. But why?” She became absorbed in thought again (an all too common occurrence) when Cid cleared his throat. “Couldn’t help overhearing...If you want my opinion, I think it was because I’d already turned on the gate when you two came tearing through there like Cerberus was after you. Maybe it switched the portal, too.”

“Yeah, that might be it,” Melanie agreed, and then said, “We’d better tell Sora.” She smiled. “He’ll be so excited!” She sat down right there on the floor of the cockpit, leaned back against the wall, and closed her eyes. I eagerly sat down next to her and she reached out with her mind.

‘Sora? Are you there?’ she asked. I could tell she was practically bursting to tell him the news. ‘Hi! What’s going on?’ Sora found us quickly. ‘You seem excited...I thought that was Yuffie’s job?’ he teased.

Before I could make a suitable comeback, she blurted ‘You’re never gonna believe this! We found Riku!!’

Sora nearly had cardiac arrest. ‘REALLY?! Where? How? When? Is he okay?’

‘One thing at a time!’ she laughed. He was regaled by the full story, with interjections from both of us. (I was, however, conveniently interrupted when we got to the part where Riku collapsed on her.) After what seemed like forever, we signed off. ‘Remember what I said,’ Sora called after us. ‘Keep in touch!’

“What was that supposed to mean?” I asked.

She blushed for what had to be the millionth time that day. “Oh, nothing.” “Uh-huh,” I said skeptically. “That was a pretty big ‘nothing.’”

“We’re coming in for a landing,” Cid interrupted us. “You’d better finish whatever mind-reading voodoo stuff you’re doing and get secured.” With that, we scrambled down into the hold to wedge ourselves between crates to Melanie’s silent protests of ‘Voodoo?!’ I clutched at my stomach and braced myself for the necessary evil of landing.


Sorry about the short chapter. (Insert usual plea for reviews here) I want to know what you think, even if all you do is ask what I was on when I wrote this.

Yuffie: It was CANDY!!! (stuffs face with Nerds) Hehehehehe!!!!

C.C. -_-;;


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