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Chapter 11 - More Shopping!

When the author's world is connected, she goes on a quest through time with Yuffie and Riku to find her way home. Appearances by the casts of FF7&8. Rated PG just to be safe. For anyone who's ever wanted to travel to other worlds. Comments please!

Chapter 11 - More Shopping!

Chapter 11 - More Shopping!
Chapter 11

A/N: For those who have never played FF7, Junon is a military post next to the sea. The Shinra are- rather, were- a totalitarian government, overthrown by Cloud, Aerith, Yuffie and co. Hyper is an item that cures sadness status in battle.


“Are you sure he can carry all of us?” I asked, looking doubtfully at Tweety as Yuffie slipped reins over his head.

        Yuffie looked affronted. “Are you kidding?! This is a prize racing chocobo!”As though to affirm this, Tweety warked and bobbed his head enthusiastically, as Yuffie struggled to put the reins on him. “Cut that out, you crazy bird!” she scolded, somehow managing to secure the reins and swing herself onto his back. “All aboard!” she grinned and reached out a hand to help me up.

        I scrambled up, only to realize that I would be sandwiched between her and Riku. ‘You did that on purpose!’ I complained as Riku climbed up behind me.

        ‘Yes, I am the mistress of all evil!’ she cackled, imitating Malificent. ‘Muahaha! What devious scheme shall I carry out next? How about THIS?’ She dug her heels into Tweety’s sides with a yell, and the bird bolted forward at a dead run. Which, for a racing chococbo is pretty fast. I let out a yelp and latched onto Yuffie to keep from falling off. Riku did exactly the same thing, i.e. held onto the person in front of him, which caused the said person to: a) become very embarrassed and b) blush. I swore I’d done more blushing in the past two hours than I’d done in my entire lifetime. Yet, in spite of this fact, (or maybe because of it) the trip was very enjoyable.

        Yuffie and I excitedly pointed out different landmarks to Riku as we circled the mountains (he didn’t seem to have much to say, probably due to the fact he was getting mouthfuls of my hair about every two seconds). Nieblhiem, tucked away at the base of the mountains, the red sandstone cliffs of Cosmo Canyon, the ruined reactor at Gongaga, even the glittering tiers of the Golden saucer- I saw them all (In other words, I gaped like an awe-struck tourist). I wished for a camera about a million times- the blocky looking representations on the world map are laughable once you’ve seen the real thing. And the speed! Your average chocobo can run as fast as a car. We actually kicked up a salty spray as we skimmed across the ocean, making me laugh in sheer delight. All too soon, we had reached Junon.

        Leaving Tweety in a grassy field just outside the sea port, we entered town and took the elevator to the second level. I caught a glimpse of Cid on the airplane/gummiship dock, which was swarming with people loading and unloading the planes/ships. Although Shinra Inc. had basically collapsed just a year ago, it looked as though the economy was getting back on it’s feet with the help of inter-world trading. We left the airplane path and entered the main street, which looked very different without the Sister Ray looming overhead. People bustled up and down the street, buying, selling, and trading. We were part of the buying category.

        Our first stop was at the item shop, where we loaded up on potions. Actually, it was Yuffie who wheedled the shopkeeper, with Riku looking on in mild interest, while I listlessly leaned on the counter, trying to shake my light-headedness. I had blamed it on the long trip at first (it had taken up most of the day) but when I started to really feel down, I knew it was really medication withdrawals. ‘I hate being sad,’ I thought to myself, watching Yuffie shell out gil. ‘I wish I was more like her; cheerful, full of energy, maybe even hyper...That’s it!’ ‘Hey, Yuffs,’ I thought, trying to act casual. ‘Think we could add a couple of hypers to the package?’

        She cocked an eyebrow and silently asked, ‘What for? We won’t be staying on this world for long.’

        ‘As sort of a substitute medication, you know...’ I pushed.

        ‘Oooooooh, I get it!’ She then turned to the clerk. “Could we get some hypers with that?” It was the clerk’s turn to raise an eyebrow. “We’re experimenting with our limit breaks,” Yuffie lied, laughing nervously. “Whatever you say...” she replied dubiously.

        “Thanks a lot for that,” I told Yuffie as we left the shop.

        “Hey, no problem. After all, you wouldn’t exactly be in the best fighting condition without it.”

        Riku, who had been listening without comment up to this point, finally broke in (his curiosity must have been killing him). “Without what?”

        “Some medicine. My disease can be treated.” I explained shortly. I didn’t really want to discuss it, but Riku had more questions.

        “Then why are you worried? They can’t use it against you if it’s been treated, right?”

        “‘Treated’ is not the same as ‘cured.’ There is no medication that gets rid of it completely. I’m not even sure these hypers will work.” I said flatly.

        “Oh,” Riku said just as flatly.

        There was silence for a few moments. Finally, Yuffie declared “You two are sooo boring,” and we walked along without saying anything until we reached the weapons store.

        “So, what can I get for you, Riku?” Yuffie inquired as we examined a rack of various swords hanging from the wall.

       “I’m already equipped,” he replied, drawing his wingblade to demonstrate.

        “Ooooh, I’ve never seen anything like this,” Yuffie bent closer to examine the weapon as I turned away from the swords, sighing. Most of them looked too heavy for me to wield. But I definitely wasn’t going to take on the heartless with nothing but my bare hands. ‘Our party doesn’t have a mage yet,’ I mused, looking over some staffs. I picked one up and swung it experimentally as few times, then put it back in place. I didn’t know what I was looking for, exactly, but this wasn’t it. Suddenly, another staff caught my eye. Well, at least I thought it was a staff... It was a hollow metallic cylinder engraved with swirling designs, and had holes running down the side, just like...

        “A flute?!” Yuffie exclaimed incredulously. “What’re you gonna do, blow all the heartless away?” she laughed. The shopkeeper, who had been watching quietly up to this point
stepped forward to take the thing from my hands. “Actually, music is a very useful way to channel magic,” he explained. “I’ve seen some of the natives from Gaia use these, though I’m not sure how to do it myself.” He handed the flute back to me, and said, “I’ll make you a deal. If you can figure out how to use this thing, it’s on the house. Nobody seemed interested in it anyway, until you came along.” He walked away, leaving me to examine the weapon/instrument.

        The sun was setting as we left the shop, and I was beginning to feel the effects of the day. I yawned, causing Yuffie, then Riku to follow suit. “We should find an inn,” Yuffie muttered. A few minutes later Yuffie had spent the last of her gil on a room, and we collapsed gratefully into bed.



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