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Chapter 12 - Gummi Ships and Chocobos

When the author's world is connected, she goes on a quest through time with Yuffie and Riku to find her way home. Appearances by the casts of FF7&8. Rated PG just to be safe. For anyone who's ever wanted to travel to other worlds. Comments please!

Chapter 12 - Gummi Ships and Chocobos

Chapter 12 - Gummi Ships and Chocobos
Chapter 12

        The next morning, I watched Yuffie try to load up Tweety with supplies while I tried to figure out the flute and balance on a boulder at the same time- “try” being the key word in both sentences, since neither of us were having success. Tweety wouldn’t hold still, and I was still trying to conjure up memories of the Jr. High concert band, where I’d played the flute. I carefully fitted my fingers over what I hoped were the right holes, and played a few notes. Eventually, I picked out a scale, and practiced it for a while to refresh my memory. Yuffie had given up by this point and, sighing in exasperation, sat down on the rock next to me.

       “Any luck?” she asked.

        “A little...” I said cautiously. “I haven’t picked out any songs, though.”

        “Here,” she said, giving me a hyper. “Maybe it’ll inspire you or something.” She laid back on the boulder with her hands tucked behind her head. I drank the hyper- which, not surprisingly, tasted sugary- and suddenly felt decidedly better. “Hmmm, not bad!” I commented, and put the flute to my lips again. I worked out the most cheery song I could think of at the moment- the chocobo song- slowly, one note at a time at first, then as I got the hang of it, more quickly and smoothly.

         Suddenly, Riku shouted, “Look!" Tweety, who had been running around the field, was now headed full speed for us. Yuffie screeched in surprise and I almost dropped my flute as he came to a stop directly in front of me. He cocked his head at me and crooned. “I- I think he likes your music...” Riku said as the bird began to poke at the flute. I picked it up and started to play again. Tweety watched attentively, crooning along to the music. Not only that, but when Yuffie scrambled off the boulder to make a second attempt at loading him, he held perfectly still.

        In a few minutes we were all mounted, feeling a little stunned. (Guess who got stuck in the middle- again!) The trip passed quietly, with only the occasional comment from Yuffie, and even she gave up on trying to make conversation after a while.

        Back at Cid’s house once again, we all stared in puzzlement at the plie of gummi blocks that dominated the field out back. “And he expects us to organize them?”Yuffie wanted to know.

        “Maybe we could do it by shape...” Riku trailed off.

        “The most useful thing would be to do it by function.” We jumped in surprise as Shera walked up behind us.

        “Yeah, that would be useful- if we knew the functions, which we don’t,” Yuffie stated bluntly.

       “It’s really very simple,” Shera explained. “This one, for example, serves as amour...”

        And so it went. Shera would pick out a block, and the rest of us would scamper off to find the rest of the blocks that looked like it. It must’ve looked pretty silly, but it also must’ve worked, because in what seemed like no time at all, the large pile had disappeared. In its place were several decidedly smaller piles.

        I was surveying our work with satisfaction when the peaceful, quiet afternoon was shattered. “Holy @$%!” Cid exclaimed, catching sight of the piles. “Didn’t expect ya to finish that quickly...”

       “We had help,” I explained, pointing at Shera.

        “Heh, I don’t believe it! Shera finishing a job that fast?” He paused. “Well, she does do things the right way. Now I can get back to work!” He happily began to rummage through the piles, looking for something. “Here it is!” he announced triumphantly, holding up a piece of armor. Everyone gaped.

        “Armor? B-but, Captain, those were the most common kinds of blocks!” Shera protested.

        Cid gave her a look that plainly stated she didn’t know what she was talking about. “Look at the @#$% shape!” he said, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. It was an unusual shape, as though some wacko with no sense of geometry had designed it. But before I could get a closer look, Cid was scrambling up the scaffolding surrounding the Highwind. He clicked the block into place, and dusted off his hands. “There! It’s finished.”

        “Finished?!” Yuffie screeched. “You had us organize all those blocks so you could find just ONE?!!”

       “Yeah, that’s about right.” Cid stated calmly. “Just don’t forget what I promised you.”

        “Oh yeah...” Yuffie became visibly calmer. “Our own ship...” Turning to the piles of blocks, she grinned. (Her sudden mood changes were beginning to scare me...) “Well, what’re we waiting for? Let’s build ourselves a ship!”

        “Errm, Yuffie?” I asked. “Do you have any idea how to build a gummi ship?”

        “Well, it can’t be that hard,” she said, ransacking the piles. “All you gotta do is put them together, right?” She grabbed two blocks and jammed them together haphazardly. “See, they stick to each-” the blocks came apart in her hands, “other.” Riku snickered.

        Once again, Shera came to the rescue. “You’re going to need a blueprint, first. Let’s go inside and map it out on the computer.”

        And that was exactly what we did for the rest of the evening. Which, according, to Yuffie, was majorly boring, and according to me, majorly interesting. By the time Shera and I were finished, she had been reduced to dozing on the couch. Riku, however, watched the whole process with his usual stoical silence. It freaked me out a little, but still didn’t keep that not-entirely-unpleasant squirmy feeling away. I wondered if it ever would.

        With the ship finished and Yuffie still asleep, I went outside to examine mine and Shera’s handiwork. I’d messed around with the spray paint a little, so that the ship actually had a uniform color instead of looking like a patchwork quilt. I couldn’t believe I’d be traveling to other worlds in this thing. The sun had set, and looking up at the sky, I was amazed at how many stars there were. How was I supposed to find my home? Home... It was painful to even think about it. Suddenly, I couldn’t take the sadness any longer. I let the tears run freely down my cheeks.

        A rustling noise behind me made me jump. I jerked around to come face-to-beak with Tweety, who was looking for another scratch. “I just get so tired of holding it back...” I told the bird, stroking his head, “but you wouldn’t know about that, would you?” I was surprised when a voice replied, ‘But I do...’ I looked around, hastily trying to wipe my tears away, but there was no one in the field besides me and the chocobo. “I’m hearing things,” I muttered to the bird. “I’d better go to bed.” Looking around one last time, I left Tweety behind in the darkness.


Mwahaha! The plot thickens! (Measures the plot, which is about as thick as a piece of paper) Ahem! Well... (hides the plot) Review Please!!! Thank you Blue Notebook and Nyowpotopop for being my victi- faithful audience! (Gives them Sora plushies)





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