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Chapter 16 - Time travel and a Moogle

When the author's world is connected, she goes on a quest through time with Yuffie and Riku to find her way home. Appearances by the casts of FF7&8. Rated PG just to be safe. For anyone who's ever wanted to travel to other worlds. Comments please!

Chapter 16 - Time travel and a Moogle

Chapter 16 - Time travel and a Moogle
Chapter 16

A loud blast caused me to jerk and go stiff as a board in Riku's arms. Apparantly, Squall's military training had kicked in and he had decided to take charge of our little meeting. When shouting hadn't worked, he had fired his gunblade seveal times into the air, which sure as heck got our attention...and caused all other the other patrons to leave.

The parties settled down in their respective groups: the SeeD's in one corner, AVALANCHE in another. Riku and Sora sat down next to each other, and I picked out a chair near them that was also convieniently placed on the outskirts of the AVALANCHE group...and Yuffie. Still, I felt like an outsider, not really fitting in anywhere. Why was I here? I was no hero. In fact, I was more likely to be a nucance than anything else- a weapon to be kept out of the hands of darkness at all costs.

Finally, something Squall said brought me out of my reverie. "The SeeD have brought us a new gummi block. Apparantly, the King himself gave it to Headmaster Cid with orders that it be placed only into the right hands. Those hands belong to the weapon."

A collective gasp ran through the crowd and I nearly fell out of my chair. "Me?!" I squeaked. "Why me?"

"It's the only way you'll find your world," Squall said. "Apparantly, you're going to have to travel through time to get there." I felt my knees go weak, very weak. Time travel? "This is a time-travel gummi. It will allow you to travel to different periods in a world's history. Use it carefully." He dropped the tiny object into my hands. I stared at its colorful facets and wished that there was some way, any other way, to get home. Every sci-fi novel I had ever read involving time-travel had left my head reeling in confusion.

"Our worlds lie on different planes of existance," Squall continued as I retreated to my seat, "and thoses planes intersect at different points, allowing for warp holes and gates."

'Oh great,' I thought, 'Not only do I have to deal with time travel, but geometry, too. This is just peachy.'

"The weapon and her companions, however," Squall continued, as I wished he would quit referring to me in that particular way, "Will travel in a straight line connecting the time periods of her world." I felt a bit better thinking about the 'straight line' bit. That sounded simple enough. "There is one drawback." He turned to me. "You will lose the gummi each time you use it, since it can't exist in two places at one time. So, you will have to re-locate it in each time period." My spirits dropped back down again, and I decided I'd had just about enough of this time-travel stuff. "If you are sucessful," he gave me a look that indicated I'd darn well better be, "You will be returned to the time period you came from. Do you understand?" I nodded numbly, feeling more depressed than ever. "Now, if there are no other matters, this meeting is dismissed." He nodded to Cloud, and AVALANCHE immeadiately left the cafe and moved into the main square, chatting animatedly. I took the opportunity to slink from my chair, passing through their outskirts and heading, unnoticed, to second district. I needed some time in the hotel to think things over- alone.

Just as I was about to open the door, I heard Riku's mental call of 'Where are you?!' Sora cut him off. 'Headed for the Hotel, I'll bet. Don't worry, Donald and Goofy will be there to back her up if anything happens.' Relieved, I took the convenient opportunity to pretend I hadn't heard them and slip through the door.

The first thing I heard were high-pitched squeals. Peering over the top of the wall, I saw a ring of heartless surrounding a moogle, darting in one at a time to take swipes at the creature as it sat helpless in the middle of them. It obviously didn't have much longer, judging by its squeals and the fact it was defenseless. That was about to change.

Screaming out all my pent-up frustration and despair, I flung myself over the wall and started beating at the shadows with my flute. Crack! I made a satisfying connection with the back of one's skull and it dissappeared in a puff of inky smoke, the trapped heart rising into the heavens. Suddenly another battle cry split the darkness. "Charge!" Lightning hit the cobbles around me, frying most of the heartless on the spot. The ones that weren't electrocuted were soon beat away by a shield.

"Gawrsh, are you all right miss?" Goofy inquired in worried tones.

Panting, I nodded. "I think so. But the moogle needs help."

"No problem," Donald quacked. Green light blossomed from the end of his staff, and the moogle sat up, shaking its head.

"What happened, kupo?" the tiny creature squeaked.

"This here lady just saved your life," Goofy explained. "It was awful brave of her, hyuck!"

I blushed. "I couldn't have done it without you guys."

"Oh, it was nothing," Donald waved his hand as though brushing it all away.

"Where're you headed?" Goofy asked.

"Just to the hotel." Then, remembering the moogle, I asked, "What about you?"

"I'm going with you," it declared.

"All right. Can you walk?"

"I'm not sure, kupo..."

"Would you mind if I carried you..?"

"No, kupo," it replied weakly. I scooped it up and cradled it to my chest, careful not to touch the pom-pom. The fur felt soft and silky, and the creature peered up at me with eyes that I could barely see, glittering behind almost-closed lids. With Donald and Goffy as escorts, we made it safely to the hotel, where I tucked the moogle securely into a bed in the blue room.

"Are you sure you don't need any more help, miss?" Goofy asked as I made sure the moogle was comfortable.

"No, thanks." I smiled. "Thanks for everything." I put out a hand to shake and laughed when they both stuck out their arms eagerly. After saying good night, I closed the door and went to check on the moogle.

Surprisingly, it wasn't asleep. It was staring at me with those shining eyes again. As I removed my jacket and shoes, I asked, "What were you doing in second district, anyway?"

"Looking for you, kupo," it declared.


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