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Chapter 20 - Heartsong

When the author's world is connected, she goes on a quest through time with Yuffie and Riku to find her way home. Appearances by the casts of FF7&8. Rated PG just to be safe. For anyone who's ever wanted to travel to other worlds. Comments please!

Chapter 20 - Heartsong

Chapter 20 - Heartsong
Chaper 20

Author's note: This takes place after the end of FF9, so everythings set about two years after the game, making Garnet and Zidane rulers of Alexandria, and Eiko adopted heir of Regent Cid of Lindblum. The Genomes are still living with the Black Mages, and the nations are recovering from the recent war and destruction brought on by Kuja's influence.



We stood surrounded by our friends at the world exit, saying our final goodbyes. There were hugs and good-luck wishes all around. The quest wouldn't be an easy one, and it weighed heavily on everyones mind.

As I was telling Aeris goodbye, she slipped something over my neck. "Mogruko and I convinced the moogles to take on a new synthesising project," she smiled "This should help to keep the darkness away from your heart." I looked down to see a shimmering sliver neclace with a heart-shaped pendant hanging from it. I threw my arms around her. "Thank you. You have know idea how much this means..." I chocked off.

"And Quistis..." ('I'm not going to cry,' I told myself sternly).

"Take care of yourself, now that you know how," she smiled. I hugged her to.

"Well, we'd better be going," said a reluctant Yuffie.

"You'd better be back within five minutes, like you promised!" yelled Cid.

"Sure thing, gramps!"

"IT'S CID!" he roared.

I dragged myself reuctantly into the ship, knowing that unlike Yuffie, I wouldn't be back in five minutes. I wouldn't be coming back ever. This was the last time I would see these brave adverturers- my heroes (I sent that thought to Cloud in particular).

All too soon the roar of the engines overtook thier cheering, and I plastered my face to the canopy to watch them fade from sight.


The flight to Hollow Bastion was long and uneventfull. I sat next to Yuffie on our bunk, deep in tought. What caused the powerful spurts of magic? Was it really the flute? What would Eiko have to say about it? Would I ever figure this-


I flinched, then turned to glare at Yuffie. "Don't do that."

"You're such a worry wort. Besides, you deserved it."

"Am not. And what did I ever do to you?"

"Well, that was for practicing that fire spell on me."


*Flinch* "Cut it out!"

"And the ice spell..."


*Flinch* "Quit it!"

"And lightining...


*Flinch* My body tingled. "I said STOP!"

And she did. She sat motionless as a statue. I waved a hand in front of her face and she remained frozen. "Whoops...I drew without realising it....I really need to know more about this flute!" I sighed in frustration. Then closing my eyes, I drew and commanded "Dispell!" That was one that Quitis insited absolutley necessary I learn after seeing my aptitiude for status-inducing spells.

"Why you little-!" Yuffie tackled me as soon as she was free to move again.

"It was an accident!" I cried, frending her off with my flute. "Maybe I should have left you that way!"

At that moment the door to the cabin was flung open. "What's going on in here?" Riku demanded, with Mogruko hovering over his shoulder. Then seeing that I was pinned by Yuffie, he yanked her off an hauled me to my feet. "You okay?"

"Yeah," I struggled not to blush.

"Oh sure, be all gentlemanly to her!" snapped Yuffie. Then abruptly changing het tone, she added, "You must be pretty sweet on her, huh?"

That was it. Blushing red all over, I turned in the doorway.





We docked at the monstrous Lindblum Castle, which was almost a city in and of itself, with Mogruko directing the process. He had, apparently, been to the castle before to ask about becoming a record-keeper, but there had been no vacancies. Now we followed him down the red-carpeted, paneled hallways to the heavy wooden throne-room doors.

"What is your business here?" demanded one of the guards.

"We seek an audience with the Lady Eiko," Mogruko said.

"She is speaking with the Regent at the moment, you will have to wait."

"But this is a matter of great urgency!" I blurted.

"You must wait," the guard repeated

'But I can't controll my flute!" I yelled mentally 'What do you want me to do, sit around until I accidently destroy myself or my firends with a OD of magic?!'

Suddenly the doors opened. "Let them in," said a purple-haired eight-year old with a single horn, like a unicorns, on her forehead.

"But Lady Eiko, your talk with the regent-"

"Daddy can wait. These guys need my help."

As we followed Eiko into the Throne Room, I couldnt help asking 'Did you hear me?'

'Of course I did. What do you think this horn is for?'

"Eiko, I already told you, the Black mages cannot be assimilated into the community yet. The people still fear them. Besides, they look too much like the Heartless-" Regent Cid finally noticed our entrance. "Who are you?"

This time Yuffie nudged me foreward. "It's your flute, after all,' she reminded me. "We are travelers from a distant world, Regent." I began. "I seek an audience with you and your daughter on a matter of great urgency. An illness of the heart has been discovered, which would cause the heartless to take over it more quickly. We are trying to combat this new weapon, but we need your daughter's help."

"Can I talk alone with them Daddy, please? It'll only take a minute." Eiko batted her eyelashes.

"I suppose so, Eiko." Then he turned to us. "I thank you for your warning. I will see to it that my people are prepared. Now, I have other maters to attend to.." He exited the room.

"Good, now we can get down to business!" Eiko said with satifactiion. "Tell me everything."

"Well, I-"

"Not that way silly! Kneel in front of me."

"Okay, but why-?

"Shhhh. Hold still." She bent forward untill her horn touched my forehead. "Now we can really talk"

It was similar to what happened with Aeris. Apparently, Summoners were gifted in matters to telepathy, too. It took next to no time for her to find out about our intended quest and the problems I was having with my flute.

She straighened up with a sigh. "Wow, that is really a problem. Can I see the flute?"

I handed it to her. She gasped."The Heartsong..."

"The Heartsong?" I repeated.

She nodded solemnly. "That's what your flute is called. Itwas made by the Summoners long ago. It's suppoed to give the player the desires of thier heart. That's why it was only given to those with pure hearts. It wouldn't play for any others." She looked at me quizzically. "Can you play it?"

"Yes. Once I wanted our chocobo to calm down, and I played a song without thinking. The bird clamed down intantly."

"But you're not a Summoner. I wonder why it plays for you? Anyway, that's why you have a hard time with it; the Summoners could handle a lot more magic than regular humans, so it draws a lot of magic. Your hearts desires are very strong, too, so it will draw even more magic for those. You need to learn to controll your desires, that's the only way; unless you want to be fried by magic."

"Maybe you'd better take it Eiko. It's probably too powerful for me to handle..."

"Weren't you listening to what I said? The flute chooses who plays it. It chose you. There's gotta be a reason you have it. So keep it. I think you'll need it."

I stood up. "Thank you for your time, Eiko."

"Sure, no problem! Good luck with your quest!" She surprised me by darting forward and hugging me around the waist.


Armed with this new knowledge, we set off again. Our destination this time: My home.


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