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Chapter 1 - Discovery

24 years into the future, Chris Fenton lives with her mom. She finds things out about her familys past. But will it be good for her to know, or bad?

Chapter 1 - Discovery

Chapter 1 - Discovery

Amity Park's # 1 public enemy was fighting a massive ghost that had already destroyed some of the town. A couple of blocks down, a woman was standing in her home cradling a baby in her arms. The baby girl was crying, so was her mother. Danny Phantom and the ghost he was fighting were getting closer and closer to the house. Danny was blasted down in front of the door, the ghost approaching fast. He saw the house behind him and a look of terror and anger swept across his face. “Don't come any closer.” Danny yelled, “I'm warning you.” The ghost just laughed and kept approaching. The woman inside looked up and cried, “Danny!” Danny heard her cry and stood up tall. “Leave my family alone!” He screamed. At the same time Danny used his ghostly wail. It was no ordinary wail though. It was so powerful that the colossal ghost was blown to pieces. 24 year old Danny Fenton fell to the ground.

14 years later on a Monday morning Chris Fenton's alarm went off. She rose up out of her bed, stretched as far as she could go and yawned. She got her clothes and took a quick shower. Still tired, Chris stood in front of her mirror and brushed her long black hair. She put it up into a pony tail and headed down stairs for breakfast. “Morning hon.” her mom said as Chris sat at the table, waiting for her sausage and eggs. “Ready to start a new week Chris?” “Nope.” Chris replied, taking her plate from her mother. “Well, as soon as you get done you need to brush your teeth and go to school. Okay?” “Okey dokey.” Chris replied making her mom laugh.

On her way to school, Chris took a different route. She was trying to get away from the girls that made fun of her. She was riding her hover board as usual when she saw an old abandoned building. She was right over it when suddenly her board's battery ran out. Her feet still strapped to the board, she fell down towards the old building. Head first she got closer and closer to the roof. Chris put her arms in front of her face as if they were going to break her fall. Instead of landing on the roof she landed inside a classroom. She stood up, rubbing her arms, and looked up at the ceiling. “That was weird.” She said to herself. The room was dusty and there were cob webs everywhere. The windows were boarded up making it dark except for the small rays of light coming through the cracks. She spotted a door and walked towards it, her hover board under her arm.

“All these locks have worn away.” Chris said, looking at the old lockers in the hall. “All the numbers are gone too.” She stopped in front of one and saw something inside. “I wonder….” She said to herself. Chris grabbed hold of the lock and pulled hard. The lock broke off. She slowly opened the locker and saw pictures lining the walls of it. “Ghost boy?” Chris wondered. “Who's that?” The locker had pictures of a boy about her age with snow white hair and glowing green eyes. Chris looked closely at the boy in the pictures. “He looks familiar somehow.” She was confused. The boy could fly. “He must be a ghost!” She realized. She walked a ways and opened another locker, and another. Finally she found another locker with more pictures. “It can't be!” She saw the ghost boy again, but this time he was human. Chris looked closer at the boy. “No way!” She said shocked. “Dad!?”


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DannyWinxFan on August 23, 2006, 12:28:03 PM

DannyWinxFan on

gohstann on December 15, 2005, 1:46:12 AM

gohstann on
gohstannShe fazed though the roof. So shes about to uncover the secrit her father kep but I'm confused what happend to 24 year old Danny? This is definitly leading into a good idea. I hope you update soon!

Coolstra on December 15, 2005, 12:32:22 AM

Coolstra on
CoolstraHA HA! I left U hanging!
I should have more laters.