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A young girl at age 10 meets a cat and a mouse named Tom and Jerry. Her name is Annette and she loves animals. She meets more friendly people and animals as she goes on her fabulous journey!
A story I made up. It is a cartoon. It dosen't have pictures Obviously but thats OK. Toxy's Female And Storm is male! First time i Wrote it it Deleted itself but now i've made it better then before!
Deep in the ghost zone, lies a powerful crystal. It has the ability to increase, or give powers to any ghost that grasps it. Making the ghost invincible. If the crystal gets in the wrong hands, it will be chaos for both the ghost zone, and the world.
A story that seems like a rip-off of Sonic Heroes (NOTE: My Custom character makes up for the fact that there is no flying character.)
This is my stupid fanfic that I wrote while having coffee.
this is a stroy my little bro made a while ago
American Mcgee's ALICE + Metalocalypse=METAL AND EPIC
Ok, so Miharu has her dictator's antics thing, and I wanted to write a goes.
well i id this when my mama took me to the geneollagy library. look familiar....
Just a profile I did on Vinnie's ONLY daughter
All about Rebecca's brother Rusty who's a triplet to his sister Austin and brother Caiden
All about Rebecca's Twin Bro Colt
All about Rebecca's older brother Edward Anthony Michael 'Tanner' Copperstein
Will Reilley and Rebecca ever see eachother agin? Will their wedding plans be for not?
My story has new characters and also a mistirious character.My new characters are called,starfire (she has wind power and is a angel who likes *you will find out if you read my story*.She is also gothic,she has lots of sisters and her mum lives in heaven,she is called the queen of angels.),starlight(she is starfire's sistr and is also gothic she doesn't like anybody... Yet.) and dark death(He is adark boy who can take away powers he also likes...).
They are my new characters.
my story is going to be in chapters so please read it and don't miss out a single chapter.
Okay, Dylan has been dating this girl for a year and a half now and it's been more of a hugs and cuddles relationship but now he realizes that it's true love between them. But what happens when the girls and boys get jealous when he doesn't spend as much time with them? Read on to find out... :D
The titans sat around the fire,on a dark and stormy night.They each tell scary stories.Here they are.
this is my first one piece story so be nice please
Well this is actually a bratz story i'm working on. Cloe and Cameron have known each other since grade 2 and feel like brother and sister. Well now their in tenth grade and they start to realize that their relationship could be more.
be evil
... they are saying somthing -_-0
its like a little part that some characters do and its a little funny or weird one of them XP.........
WARNING story may contain characters doing idiot stuff X3

its when they first meet
This is a huge story about the teen titans
learning the their not the only people that know Slade.