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Chapter 2 - Falling for Her

It's Spring Break and Danny, Sam, and Tucker have met a girl named Katrina. Danny likes her but his friends have their own opinions. To them something strange is going on and Danny is the target. But after a while Tucker falls under the new girl's spell, leaving Sam all alone. Until Valerie joins her.
Read to find out more.

Chapter 2 - Falling for Her

Chapter 2 - Falling for Her
Chapter 2

Falling for Her

So& Kat. Sam said, walking up to Dannys new friend. Where are you from anyway? Ive never seen you around here.

Kat stood up and answered nervously, Oh, you know, around.

Why did you come to Amity Park? Tucker asked her as he walked up to stand next to Sam. Danny looked at Sam and Tucker then at Kat.

Kat looked at the ground then at Danny. She looked back at Tucker and absentmindedly put her hands in her pockets. I heard that its a nice place. She said finally. She pulled her left hand out of her pocket and placed it at her side.

There are ghosts here. I thought you didnt like ghosts. Sam said, raising one eyebrow. Kat opened her mouth to talk but didnt say anything.

Danny couldnt stand it anymore. Guys?! he screamed, making everyone jump. He got up and stood next to Kat. Im sure shes been having a rough day. So just leave her alone. Danny said. Kat looked up at him and smiled sweetly.

When Danny looked back her eyes were glistening in the setting sun. Sam noticed and crossed her arms. Tucker then suddenly found himself entranced by Kats beautiful face. Sam scowled and stomped away.

For the next three days, Danny and Tucker were with Kat more than they were with Sam. Sam, of course, hated this. Everyday she watched Kat, and everyday she noticed that each time Kat opened her eyes wide and began to shake it became more violent. Sam couldnt help but wonder why. Danny and Tucker never noticed.

Hey Sam, whats up? Danny said Tuesday afternoon. It was the first time that day he had noticed her. Sam replied, Oh, nothing much. Just being ignored&ALL DAY!!

Danny raised his eyebrows. Sam scowled. Dont tell me you havent noticed. She said through clenched teeth. Danny shook his head, afraid of what might happen next.

I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO SPEND SPRING BREAK TOGETHER! YOU, ME, AND TUCKER! SO FAR, ITS BEEN YOU, KAT, AND TUCKER!!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU GUYS DID THIS TO ME! Sam yelled. Danny was in shock. He felt as if his brains had been blown away by Sams screams.

Sam stomped away as Kat walked up to Danny. What was that all about? she asked. Danny replied, Sams just mad. Shell get over it. I hope&
The more she thought about Danny and Tucker abandoning her, the more tears filled her eyes. I cant believe it& he didnt even notice me& she thought out loud. She came up to her front porch and sat down on the steps.

Suddenly, the door opened and Sams Grandma came out. She put her hand on her granddaughters shoulder and Sam looked up at her and smiled. Whats wrong dear? Her grandma asked. Sam wiped her eyes and replied. Boys.
Danny and Kat waved goodbye to Tucker as he walked into his house. Then they began to walk towards Dannys house. Danny. Kat said with her eyes looking at the ground. What? Danny replied.

I& thanks for letting me stay with you. She said, blushing. Danny smiled and replied, No problem& Kat smiled and looked up at him. You know& I think& I really like you.

Danny looked at her then looked away. After a while he looked back into Kats blue eyes. I think I like you too.


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xxDANNYxx on June 26, 2008, 2:26:06 PM

xxDANNYxx on
xxDANNYxxI thought her eyes were brown. Not blue like DANNY!
Never mind, it doesnt matter.
luv the story so far! =D

Coolstra on June 28, 2008, 1:54:06 AM

Coolstra on
Coolstraoops, my bad! lol sorry bout that. her eyes are supposed to be brown not blue. I'll try to fix it asap

Coolstra on September 24, 2006, 12:22:36 PM

Coolstra on
CoolstraIt's all messed up! The quotation marks aren't there. Pooey... Oh well.

thehaunted on September 23, 2006, 6:51:21 AM

thehaunted on
thehauntedwow you author that's really good spleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

dragon45 on September 22, 2006, 8:59:52 AM

dragon45 on
dragon45that really good i can't wait for the next chapter!