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Chapter 1 - Flippy Flips

....ok....i'm not that good at poems but......

Chapter 1 - Flippy Flips

Chapter 1 - Flippy Flips
One dark night,
no toon awake.
Flippy strolled in the moonlight,
shadows following in his wake.

Flippy was stressing over Toontown
and what the Blood Suckers might be planing.
Lost in his thoughts, he found,
he was standing in front of an old fun house awening.

Confused and curious,Flippy steped inside.
Poor Flippy didn't know
he was going to find
a creature ,creeping below.

"SNAP!!!!" Flippy jumped,unable to see
in this dark,dank surounding.
Faintly, he heard music,"Who's playing the CD?"
Quickly he found himself turning.

Behind him was darkness
but then many glowing white eyes glared
Slowly steping back,Flippy missed toonfest.
A hand reached toward him,as he feared.

The once brave major,full of fright,
freaked out at how close it came.
So he did the most logical thing and ran out of sight.
Little did he know it was just a game.

"Silly Flippy." It laughed with a chuckle.
Then the lights flickered on as it stood on a welcome mat.
Why it was Good ol' Muckle!
The great prankester,a crazy black cat.


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