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Chapter 1 - TF2 - A Snipers Lament

True story yes. This happened to me, and I thought almost about every thing the poor RED Sniper says.

Stupid good-aimed scouts and there stupid critting scatter guns.

Chapter 1 - TF2 - A Snipers Lament

Chapter 1 - TF2 - A Snipers Lament
"NO!" A young, RED Team Sniper yelled. He had been getting shot and killed for the last 20 minutes. To him, it was a living hell, to the ones who were dominating him, it was heaven. One of those was a scout. A normal, BLU Scout that had perfect aim. "Why cant I hit anyone anymore?! ITS GETTING ON MY NERVES! I CANNOT-" The RED Team Sniper was interrupted, as he was shot and killed again. RED Teams Sniper respawned, and stared blankly at the ground. This was it. This was the moment he had been waiting for. To kill every last one of those BLU team idiots. ESPECIALLY that Scout. RED Teams Sniper sighed as he stepped out of the spawn, full of confidence. He looked in his scope, and saw his first victim. A soldier. He imeddiatley took aim and shot him, the soldier fell over dead. "HAHA! Lets see that scout get to me now!" As he took aim again, the BLU Scout came up from behind him, and shot him in the back. Thus, killing him AGAIN. The BLU Scout smiled, an almost evil looking smile. He double-jumped away to another hiding spot, just waiting for that sniper. The RED Teams Sniper, who just respawned, was getting ticked off now. He could not get ANYTHING anymore, and he sighed. "Face it, you suck. There is nothing you can do to fix that. You will always be a bad sniper.." He thought to himself. Just when he thought things couldnt get any worse, the BLU Scout jumped into the spawn, killing him yet again. RED Teams Sniper respawned, and tried to take aim at that fast-as-lightning scout, but he was just too quick. The Blu Scout stood victorious, yet AGAIN. As the RED Teams Sniper respawned, he imeddiatley ran for the med cabinet. But, he was killed. AGAIN. Now the RED Teams Sniper was beggining to feel like Kenny McCormick! He respawned, again, and let out a big sigh of releaf, as he saw the Scout hop out of the spawn. He didnt want to go out and get killed. He knew that at the end of the round, the Announcer would tell them all how many times they died. It was not fun for the poor Sniper. "..Atleast hes not aiming for my eyes..." RED Teams Sniper walked out of the spawn area, and saw the BLU scout. He took aim and fired, killing him right on the spot. "WOOOOOHOOO!!!" The RED Teams Sniper jumped up and danced around, filled with joy. As soon as he stopped, a BLU spy, came behind him and backstabbed him. Killing him and seperating him from the joy he just had.


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kylethehedgehog on August 5, 2009, 6:09:05 PM

kylethehedgehog on

TailsFanatic on February 13, 2009, 11:51:52 AM

TailsFanatic on
TailsFanaticDamn. That scout isn't making his life any better for him.

releaf --> relief*

Face it, scouts can be superb, even though they -may- be a lowly class. =P

CrystalKnight on February 13, 2009, 2:01:15 PM

CrystalKnight on
CrystalKnightIt happened to meeeee. He played the game for two years.

Shuddup!! I wrote this at 2:35 am in the morning.


TailsFanatic on February 13, 2009, 2:04:01 PM

TailsFanatic on
TailsFanaticIt all depends on how well someone plays.



RogueTheBat18 on February 12, 2009, 7:44:25 PM

RogueTheBat18 on
RogueTheBat18Hahahahaha, GO SNIPER!!!

Nice work.