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Chapter 1 - The Profacy

This is a contest entry for SayuriUzumaki

Chapter 1 - The Profacy

Chapter 1 - The Profacy
Allie, Nami, Zukiko, and Kanah were the ancient profacy. The profacy that said "One day, in time; Four girls will be blessed with the powers of the Earth. Water, Fire, Wind and Nature. They must be pure of heart, and all together. They all must be able to hear the heart beat, of Earth." Allie was a kind hearted person, she was given powers of the Water Goddess. She had blue eyes, neon blue hair, and always dressed like she was going to the beach at any moment. Nami, was quite the opposite. She didn't enjoy all things bright, but she did enjoy her friend's company. She had red, gleaming eyes that could see for miles. Her hair was red as well, but in a hairstlye that screamed "Terror Twister!". Her gift, was Goddess of Fire. Now Zukiko, was rather quiet. She never spoke often, but would when she had to. Her hair was a silky, beaming gray. Zukiko loved music... Lullabe... Pop... or even Ballet. To show her love of music, was a very skilled flute player and wore a shirt that had a line of notes to Beethoven's own "Moonlight Sonata". She was blessed with the gift of the Wind Goddess. She was rather smart, her friends always asked her for answers. Zukiko also played music with the power of her wind. Kanah was quite a peppy one! She was always eager to go new places and to explore for hours. Her hair was a bright, shining green. Her eyes were screaming "Play! Play! PLAY!". Kanah loved nature, she would always help injured animals and play with butterflies. She was given, the power of the Nature Goddess.

Their powers were not to be taken lightly. Little did they know, that they had these magnificent powers... Until the Shard of Earth... was found.

"UGH! Work, work, work! We never do anything else at this school." Nami moaned. "I know what you mean." Kanah sighed. "I just wanna hurry up and finish this Math Homework!"

"What did you put for number (5) on that quiz, Zukiko?" asked Allie. "(c); He sailed for money and wealth..." Zukiko said quietly. "You need to perk up more!" Kanah urged. "You have to express yourself by being creative!". "C-Creative?" asked Zukiko. "Well...". "Yeah, you are always to quiet." Allie shrugged. Nami stared at Zukiko, trying to get a peek at her History Homework. "NAMI!" Allie cried. "Control yourself!"

They walked out the great doors of Funoma High. "It's soooo good to be out of that chamber of darkness and greed!" Kanah said as she spun around gleefully, with her arms spread wide to let the air flow through her hair. "Kanah..." Nami laughed. "It's just a Japanese High School." "So, you guys all wanna do our homework at my place?" asked Allie. "Alright." her friends agreed. They unlocked the locks holding their bikes to the lightpost. The noon sun glowed in the dimming sky. Clouds moved slowly across the sky with grace.

The dropped off their bikes in Allie's front yard, and ran towards the Japanese house. Allie slid open the door and ran in. "MOM!" she cried. "I'M HOME! NAMI, ZUKIKO AND KANAH ARE HERE TOO!" "Alright, dear!" Allie's mother called back. They ran through the house, and into Allie's room. Nami unzipped her backpack, revealing papers scattered everywhere. Zukiko unzipped her backpack, revealing her books, papers, folders and pencils tucked away neatly. They all pulled out their homework and began working. Zukiko filled out her papers lightning fast, as if she were on fire. "Done..." whispered Zukiko. "NO WAY!" Kanah cried. "How can you finish that quick?!"

Zukiko allowed her friends to copy off her, so they could go outside and play.

They finally had finished, and ran outside. The noon sun set, and the evening sun closed in. "Hey Allie!" Nami called. "I bet I can beat you in a raaaaaace!" she teased. "Oh yeah? Fine! You & me! From that stump... tooooo... where Zukiko is standing!" Allie challenged. "On your mark..." Kanah started. "Get set...GO!" she yelled.

At what seemed like lightning speed, both girls took off. "Your... not gonna win!" Nami panted. Nami ran faster. Allie lost her balance, andtripped over a rock. "HEY! Stupid rock!" she cursed. Allie picked up the "rock". "Hey... this isn't a rock... what is this?!" Allie asked as she held up a glowing pendant. The pendant glowed a crystal blue, with four, tiny spirits glowing inside. Her friends gathered round to see them. The four spirits phased out of the pendant, and into their bodies. A red one into Nami, blue to Allie, gray to Zukiko, and green to Kanah.

Their bodies glowed with the spirit inside them. Everything was quiet... the only thing to be heard... was one heart beat. "Where's the beat coming from?" asked Zukiko quietly. "From... the Earth!" cried Kanah. A blinding white light, covered them all. It quickly faded, revealing beautiful Goddesses. They stared in awe at each other, discovering their new powers.

As the profacy remained true, went the chosen ones had finished their job, it would be passed on, to the next generation.


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SayuriUzumaki on March 2, 2007, 6:01:24 AM

SayuriUzumaki on
SayuriUzumakiVery nice! I like it^^ It's very good! *Faves*