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Chapter 1 - Welcome to Woodland Valley!

Find out the Secret of Woodland Valley!
By me and Blossom, originally from

Chapter 1 - Welcome to Woodland Valley!

Chapter 1 - Welcome to Woodland Valley!
The Winx Club & Specialists are at Magix in Love Café. It's a school holiday and Flora & Helia were thinking about going to Woodland Valley. Bloom: Going where?!
Layla: Woodland Valley?! Are you crazy?! That place is private and haunted!
Flora: We both received an Invitation.
Helia: Wait, did you just say haunted?
Riven: Haven't you heard the story?
Flora: What story?
Musa: Rosie Oak & Edward Oak died there!
Flora: What was the cause?
Stella: They say the couple died after a mystical light seen by their only daughter, Blossom Oak
Sky: She's the only fairy of trees after her mom died
Helia: How old is she now?
Sky: Sixteen but doesn't go to Alfea
Flora: Helia, I think we should go and find out about this 'mystical light'
Helia: I think so too
Riven: So, you're going to find out this after six long years?
Helia: Which got me thinking, is Blossom the only person living in Woodland Valley?
Tecna: Oh no, she lives with a friend which is a boy
Stella: Try boyfriend Tecna. His name's Jason Parker
Timmy: Helia, Flora, who sent you that invitation?
Helia: It says, 'from Blossom Oak'
Timmy: When do you need to go?
Flora: The letter says tomorrow would be nice
Bloom: Are you sure you two want to go there?
Helia: We have to help somehow
Sky: It's your choice Flora & Helia thought about it then they've made their decision, they're going to Woodland Valley. After that day passed, Flora & Helia were are already packed to go. Yesterday, Flora noticed there was a spell to teleport to Woodland Valley attached to the letter so she used it. As quick as a flash, Flora & Helia are already at Woodland Valley. Helia located a wooden house, just a few steps away. After they both reached the door and put down their suitcases, Flora knocked on the door. Blossom rushed to open the door and was delighted to see them! Jason was beside her. Bloom: Flora Marigold! Helia Handwrite! I'm so glad you two could come! I've heard so much about you two! I'm Blossom Oak & this is Jason Parker
Jason: Please to meet you
Blossom: Please come in and I'll show you both to your room
Flora: Thank you After Blossom showed them to their room and was about to leave, her grateful smile suddenly disappeared. Blossom's room is near the guestroom while Jason's is next to hers, yes they both have their own room. As Blossom walked back downstairs, Jason saw her then he asked if she was ok. Blossom: I'm fine
Jason: Is this about Woodland Valley? We've been happy here for six years
Blossom: It's not that, Flora has her parents, Helia has a grandfather, but look at us! We've no parents, just us. People hardly visit Woodland Valley again after my parents died because they think this place is haunted, except for our closest friends, Sarah, Nikki, Kelly, we've got lots of friends... Maybe Flora & Helia might be able to help us
Jason: I'm sure they will Flora then exited the guestroom then she wanted to talk to Blossom. Jason wanted to leave them alone so he returned to his room. Flora: Blossom, I heard from my friends that now you are the only fairy of trees?
Blossom: The last and only one
Flora: What are your powers?
Blossom: My power are Wood & Leaves. I can control anything that's wooden. Without wood or leaves, I can't live
Flora: You sure do have lots of trees in Woodland Valley. I've seen one tree with Blossoms
Blossom: That's how my mom named me. Dad gave her a Blossom after they first met
Flora: I heard about you saying you have friends?
Blossom: Friends & cousins. They visit us sometimes but others don't. I'm glad you and Helia did. I believe the 'mystical light' was created by the only enemy in Woodland Valley, Radar. After my parents died, people came by to find out who's behind the murder and when they searched near a tree, they were never to be seen again!


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