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Chapter 2 - A Mystery to Solve

Find out the Secret of Woodland Valley!
By me and Blossom, originally from

Chapter 2 - A Mystery to Solve

Chapter 2 - A Mystery to Solve
(P.S. I am Sarah in the story)
Suddenly the phone rang.
Blossom: I'll be right back
Blossom answered the phone then she was smiling again! After she hung up, she told Flora about someone.
Flora: Sarah? A friend?
Blossom: She's coming to visit! She said she'll be here in about-- *heard a knock*
Blossom opened the door and was surprised to see Sarah make it in a flash!
Sarah: Hi Blossom! Hi Flora! I'm here at last!
Blossom: Sarah! I'm so glad you could make it here!
Sarah: Well the force field around this area can't keep us apart!
Flora: Wait, did you just say force field?
Blossom: After my parents died, people made a force field around woodland valley to keep anything from getting in. The teleportation spell I gave for my friends and you is for personal use. But, other people doesn't want to come here anyway
Sarah: Say, are the two guys here?
Blossom: Upstairs
Sarah walked upstairs to find them both.
Flora: Blossom, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
Blossom: Um, ok
Flora sat on the wooden couch with a soft thin mattress on top, no doubt, in Woodland Valley, most of the things are made of wood. Blossom went to the kitchen to prepare some drinks while they both talk, pouring the orange juice in two glasses, most of the things are made of wood. Blossom carried the tray to the coffee table then Flora asked her first question.
Flora: When did you see the mystical light?
Blossom: I heard strange noises coming from their bedroom. I climbed out of bed to see what's going on and I was in great shock! To see mystical light surrounding them both and they were killed! I'd rather not talk anymore about this...
Flora: Have you ever seen the light again?
Blossom: After Jason lives with me, he used to be a friend but when we live together, we both discovered love. I've never seen the light again after Jason and I found out we're for each other
Flora: Really romantic...
Blossom: There's so much more than the mystical light, lots of people had been missing these years for trying to find out who's behind the mystical light and the murder. I did say I believe it was created by Radar, the only enemy here
Flora: What if they were witches?
Blossom: Oh no, Woodland Valley doesn't allow Witches. When ever they try to pass through, or use the private spell, they'll be sent back to where they were
Flora: Come on, lets see the other three
Blossom nodded then led Flora to Jason's room. Flora was going to ask Blossom that she & Helia could help but decided to keep it a secret. Flora was thinking that maybe at night, she'll get a chance with Helia to find out this legend as a mystery. Jason, Helia & Sarah were in there. Sarah was sitting on Jason's bed, admiring the stars Jason painted. Helia was with Jason working on a poem.
Blossom: What are you two doing?
Sarah: To me, it seems they're both poets and getting help from another
Flora: Lets not disturb them
Sarah got up from the couch then followed Flora & Blossom to Blossom's room. There Blossom had lots of Blossoms, Poinsettias & Roses all around!
Flora: *looking around* You have plenty of fresh flowers in your room! Where do they grow?
Blossom: There's a mini garden in front of the house near the right window
Flora: I noticed...
Sarah: Where I come from, there are lots of stars to see!
Flora: Must be a place where Stella would enjoy
Sarah: The Star Realm has lots of stars! We can see them at night but sometimes we can see them when the sun's up. The stars will change from white to dark blue in color
Flora: Speaking of Sun, is it getting hot in here?
Blossom: The temperature isn't suppose to rise for another year!
Suddenly mysterious red smoke appeared, whispering the girls' names... Then the lights went off.
Sarah: What was that?!
Flora: It's dark in here!
Blossom: The door!
The door slammed shut. The girls looked at each other.
Blossom, Flora, Sarah: *screaming*
Blossom: Jason! Helia!
Flora: *trying to open the door* It's locked!
They heard male voices outside the room, it was the guys.
Jason: *turning the door knob* It's locked!
Helia: Girls! What happened?!
Flora: *from inside* We don't know! *scream* There's mysterious red smoke in here! *cough*
Sarah: We can't breathe! *cough*


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