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Chapter 3 - Mystical Light? Red Smoke?

Find out the Secret of Woodland Valley!
By me and Blossom, originally from

Chapter 3 - Mystical Light? Red Smoke?

Chapter 3 - Mystical Light? Red Smoke?
Sarah: B! *cough* Can't you, *cough* unlock the door?!
Blossom: The lock's *cough* made of metal, I can only do wood! Suddenly the red smoke swirled around the three girls. Flora: What's happen-- *cough*-- ing?!
Blossom: I'm not sure! This never happened before! In a few seconds, they've disappeared without a trace. Jason managed to unlock the door then he rushed inside with Helia. Helia: Blossom? Flora?
Jason: Sarah? Where could've they gone? Someone knocked on the front door, Jason rushed downstairs with Helia, hoping it's them. After Jason swung open the door, he was surprised to see who it was. Jason: *gasp!*
Nikki: Ahh! Oh, it's just you...
Jason: Nikki? What are you doing here? I thought you're mom said you're forbidden to return to Woodland Valley after the murder?
Nikki: Well, my dad died after B's parents died, he said, before he died, I have to take his place when the time comes. I want to do it, but mom won't allow it, so I ran away from home. I'm staying here-- Omigosh! Helia?! This means Flora's here too! First, I'd like to see B
Helia: What's B?
Nikki: Around here and to us friends, B is Blossom's nickname. Still, I like to see her
Helia: That's the thing, Blossom, Flora & Sarah had disappeared!
Nikki: Sarah's here? I can't wait to see her-- disappeared?!
Jason: It started in Blossom's room
Nikki: It must be the work of Radar!
Helia: Who's Radar?
Nikki: You don't know much on Woodland Valley, do you? Radar, is the only enemy here, looking for nature fairies
Helia: Flora!
Jason: We have to find them at his lair!
Nikki: Reminder Mr. Romantic, people never found Radar's lair, ever
Helia: How are we going to find them now?
Jason: I've heard about Tecna, she can scan the room with her digital gadgets or something. I'll send an invitation
Helia: Isn't Woodland Valley private?
Jason: That's why they need an invitation. It includes proof and the teleportation spell. Just walking to Woodland Valley will just hit the force field-- don't ask
Nikki: We don't have much time, B, Flora & Starry, Starry is Sarah, might be in big trouble right now! Helia & Jason agreed. At Radar's lair, where ever it is, Blossom, Flora & Sarah woke up, in a cage! Blossom: Hey, where are we?!
Flora: This place doesn't look peaceful!
Sarah: Are we where I think we are?
Blossom: This could be, the place where no one has ever found
Flora: What are you two talking about?
Blossom: What I mean, this must be Radar's Secret Lair!
Radar: *appeared* That's right cuties!
Sarah: Is it just me or did he just call us cuties?
Blossom: He may think 'we're' cute, but he has the body of a skeleton and an organic head with a handsome face. That's why he wears an armor with a mask
Sarah: B, how do you know all this?
Radar: Enough chit chat! I will choose one of you nature fairies to be my queen then the other two will be killed!
Sarah: Hello? Earth to Radar? I'm a Star Fairy, not a Nature Fairy
Radar: Fooling me is as hard as you think!
Flora: She's telling the truth Radar, Blossom & I are Nature Fairies, Sarah here is the fairy of 'Stars'
Blossom: Let Sarah go and take us!
Sarah: Girls! What are you saying?! I'm not leaving you two behind!
Flora: *whispers* If he lets you free, lead the others to where we are
Sarah: *whispers* Good idea. B, distract him as long as you could
Blossom: Radar, have you ever left this area? While Blossom distracts Radar with a few questions, Sarah gave Flora a star tracking device. She said to clip it in on her hair so it won't be lost. Radar: Stop with these ridiculous questions!
Blossom: This is the last one, *sigh* have someone ever loved you?
Flora: I think you've gone a little too far with that
Radar: I am not answering that question! You! Star Fairy!
Sarah: *gasp*
Radar: Leave my lair, NOW! Radar opened the cage for only Sarah to go through then she quickly ran away. Radar then looked at Flora & Blossom, one by one.


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