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Chapter 4 - Fake Love

Find out the Secret of Woodland Valley!
By me and Blossom, originally from

Chapter 4 - Fake Love

Chapter 4 - Fake Love
Radar: After I choose one of you to be my queen, the other will die like the others!
Blossom: So that means, the missing people aren't missing, they've been murdered! You were the one who killed my parents, Mrs. Oak & Mr. Oak!
Radar: Ah, Blossom Oak, Flora Marigold, it's been a long time since I've seen the last Oak
Flora: However you've found out our last names was disturbing!
Blossom: No, something's telling me that Radar's looking for the last Oak. All Oak trees died so that means the last Oak, is me!
Radar: Very clever Blossom Oak. I've searched dimensions for you, it turns out you've been inside that pathetic wooden house all along
Flora: Don't you have an all seeing eye? Darkar uses it when he first was alive
Radar: Don't you know little Ms. Marigold? Woodland Valley doesn't allow these, 'all seeing eyes' things which I don't know what it is or need one! Back at the wooden house, Nikki, Helia and Jason waited for Tecna's arrival. A few minutes later, the door bell rang. Jason was surprised to see who it was, again. Jason: Mahin!
Mahin: Hi Jason, Nikki! I didn't expect you being here!
Nikki: I ran-- or should I say, teleported away from The High Gym.
Helia: Are you a friend of Blossom too?
Mahin: Omigosh! Helia?! Here?!
Helia: Don't ask
Mahin: Yeah, I'm a friend of Nikki and Blossom too. Where's B?
Tecna: *appeared* I calculated that it was completely illogical to teleport here in a flash
Mahin, Nikki: Tecna!
Tecna: I received this invitation from you Helia and, Jason Parker?
Jason: That's me. Here's your reply Mahin. Blossom, Flora & Sarah had disappeared!
Mahin: Sarah's here?
Helia: Not anymore. We need to Tecna to scan Blossom's room to find any clues, can you do it Tecna?
Tecna: I will try, after all gadgets & digital items are my thing Meanwhile at somewhere in the woods, Sarah ran from Radar's lair, all the way to the wooden house. She reminded herself to tell the others where his lair is. At Radar's Lair, Radar was as some room while Blossom & Flora talk in hush tones. Blossom: We are going to die if we reject of becoming his queen Flora...
Flora: Queen... Blossom, has anyone ever love Radar before?
Blossom: No one, not anyone, loves him, because they think he's full of evil
Flora: Darkar's the evil one and he has an all seeing eye crystal thing. I was thinking, if one of us pretend we love him, maybe he won't kill one of us
Blossom: That might work, so, who's going to pretend to 'love' him? One of us stays, one of us is free
Flora: Hmm... Radar said he's been looking for 'you'
Blossom: Oh no, pretending I love him means I've to kiss him! I never saw his face, ever!
Flora: Sarah asked you how do you know about his form? On the inside?
Blossom: I don't know, it's like he's giving him pictures of himself to my mind
Flora: You have to do it Blossom
Blossom: Do I have to?
Flora: It's the only way to let Radar be, 'happy'?
Blossom: *sigh* Radar! I really love you!


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