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Chapter 5 - End of True Love?

Find out the Secret of Woodland Valley!
By me and Blossom, originally from

Chapter 5 - End of True Love?

Chapter 5 - End of True Love?
Radar: What did you say?
Blossom: *whispers* Flora!
Flora: *whispers* Just do it
Blossom: I-- I, l-love you?
Radar: Loved by a fairy? No ever fairy has ever said that to me, before Radar used his powers to break open the cage. Flora: I thought you were, about to, you know, kill me?
Radar: No, not anymore... After Blossom Oak said those words, I'm not sure I can do anymore murdering. I usually force Nature Fairies to love me, you can leave now, Flora Marigold
Flora: *whispers* Blossom, after I return with the others, step away from Radar
Blossom: *whispers* Got it Radar pushed on some kind of button near the exit then the stone lifted up. Flora rushed out then transformed, then something dropped but Flora thought it's something not important. Flora: Why didn't we think of Transforming in the cage before? At Blossom & Jason's house, Sarah made it back, running. Sarah: Next time, *panting* I've to fly my way back She knocked on the door. Before anyone could answer it, Flora dropped by. Sarah: Flora! You're here! Where's Blossom?
Flora: We'll need to get the others before going back. Trust me, she'll feel like Jason's there
Sarah: By the way, how did you get here so fast?
Flora: I flew
Sarah: Why didn't I think of that... Jason opened the door and this time, he was in shock, to see Sarah & Flora on the doorstep. Jason: Helia, Nikki, Mahin, Tecna! It's Flora & Sarah!
Tecna: *from upstairs* We'll be right down! Helia was the first one to reach the door to see Flora, as you may know how he'll react. Helia: Flora!
Flora: Helia! After a long, loving kiss, Helia hugged her. Helia: I'm glad you're alright...
Flora: I'm fine... Jason cleared his throat to get attention, just to stop the love scene and on to rescuing. Jason: Where's Blossom?
Sarah: If you're here Flora, that means the star tracking device is here!
Flora: So the something that dropped must be the tracking device, It must've dropped while I was out! Tecna, Mahin & Nikki went downstairs next. Flora: Tecna! What are you doing here?
Tecna: Never mind that, where's Blossom Oak?
Flora: She's still at Radar's lair, pretending she loves him--
Jason: Wait, just a minute, did you just say, 'love him'?
Flora: No, she's 'pretending' she loves him. After she said that, Radar broke open the cage!
Jason: We have to save her, right now! Then, someone else knocked on the door. Lidea: Hi
Jason: Lidea?
Lidea: I came to see Blossom, where is she?
Helia: We don't have time to explain, lets just go!


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