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Chapter 6 - Evil or Unloved?

Find out the Secret of Woodland Valley!
By me and Blossom, originally from

Chapter 6 - Evil or Unloved?

Chapter 6 - Evil or Unloved?
Tecna: I'll connect your star tracker to my computer Sarah
Sarah: Go for it! Sarah gave Tecna her Star Tracker then Tecna told everyone to follow her. Meanwhile at Radar's lair, Radar led Blossom to a room with a bed. Blossom: Wow, it's-- floral?
Radar: I guess it's time for me to remove this mask Blossom gasped in surprise as he took of his mask. She can see that it was a handsome face, too handsome to be evil. She saw short brown hair, hazel eyes, and most importantly, skin. She stepped closer to get a better look. Radar: The truth is, I'm not really evil, or a murderer, I'm just an eighteen year old young man with a curse to have a skeleton body. I need to spend with someone that loves me and I love that someone for 72 hours to break the curse.
Blossom: You sound so sweet... I-I need to spend 3 days with you?
Radar: They say, love conquers all... This once, Radar pushed her onto the bed, her hair band that ties her purple streaks on the back of her head, slipped out. Radar then did something that Blossom wasn't prepared for, a kiss from someone else which is not Jason. Radar gave her a forced kiss, something called a 'french' kiss. It was hard and uncomfortable, but she has to resist to NOT scream for help. It's something that not all teen girls like to have. Somewhere in the woods, Tecna led the others almost to Radar's Lair. Sarah: Why are we fairies walking? I don't want to make the same mistake again
Nikki: You're right, lets go! MAGIC TRANSFORM! Nikki, Mahin, Lidea & Sarah transformed to their fairy form. Flora's already transformed and she was flying the whole time. Sarah: Stellar! Radar's lair is just up ahead!
Tecna: What do you mean, Stellar?
Sarah: It means, 'cool'
Tecna: Oh, I see
Flora: Look! There it is!
Jason: Lets move quickly or something bad will happen, and I mean now! Jason, Tecna & Helia looked down at their feet, Tecna suspects what it is. Tecna: Tree branches!
Jason: These only happen if Blossom's in trouble or uncomfortable! The trees around her will block anything from coming near her!
Nikki: C'mon! It's battle time! Flora, Nikki, Sarah, Mahin & Lidea attacked the branches with their powers. Flora: Arms of the earth! Grab them! Flora blew seeds all over the branches then strong vines held them down. Tecna: The vines, won't hold the branches for long, lets move, quickly! After Tecna, Jason & Helia escaped from the branches, Tecna pointed at a stone to where the entrance is. Flora: I remembered Radar pushing a button, right about-- here Flora pushed on some kind of button near the stone then it lifted up. They all rushed inside then Tecna said that the stone's about to drop. Flora & Sarah looked around, noticing that Radar nor Blossom isn't here. Lidea: Look! Up ahead!
Helia: A Floral, door?
Mahin: What kind of evil enemy needs a Floral door?
Flora: Listen, I hear something!
Lidea: *listening* It sounds like something really romantic if you ask me


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pokemonrocks on December 5, 2006, 9:49:04 AM

pokemonrocks on
pokemonrockslol tecna doesnt transform lol ^-^
and if you hvnt seen the original transformation seqence in itlaein they say magic winx!!!!!!!!! lol