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Chapter 7 - Rescue Mission

Find out the Secret of Woodland Valley!
By me and Blossom, originally from

Chapter 7 - Rescue Mission

Chapter 7 - Rescue Mission
Flora heard familiar voices coming from behind that door, it's Blossom and Radar's voices.Blossom: Radar, not again!
Radar: Just one, more--...Jason heard it too.Jason: What did he mean by 'one more'?!
Lidea: No time to search, lets just break in!
Mahin: *charging up* All together! 1, 2--
Flora: Wait! Won't they hear us?
Helia: Flora's right, lets use the old fashioned way
Sarah: You mean, pick the lock?
Lidea: I'll try my scepterLidea is the fairy of Life & Death. She used her scepter's sharp top to pick the lock. After she unlocked the door, Helia pushed it open then was in shock after what he saw.Flora: Helia, what is it?
Helia: It's something that Jason wouldn't dream to see
Lidea: Omigosh! That is sooooo sick & wrong! I'm going in there!Lidea flew in.Lidea: What are you doing to our friend you RADAR?! *waiting*
Sarah: *stepped inside* Can't they hear us?
Jason: That! RADAR!!! I can't believe he's doing that, to my girlfriend!What Radar is doing to Blossom, which she doesn't enjoy them, was forcing her for more french kisses. That includes tongue.Mahin: That is so disgusting... I thought B wasn't ready for french kisses?
Jason: She isn't. What are we doing? We've to save her!
Girls: Right!Mahin used her Moon power to get their attention. The girls gasped as Mahin's Moonlight isn't shining at them both.Flora: There's some kind of force field!
Nikki: It's game time! Basketball Shot!A Basketball appeared in Nikki's hands. She bounced the ball then threw at the top of the force field. The girls and guys were amazed to see that the field is losing power. Radar turned around, Blossom got up, Radar's eyes turned bloody red.Sarah: That was creepy!
Radar: Not you again!
Jason: With friends!Radar can see that he was surrounded.Flora: Blossom! Transform! NOW!
Blossom: *transformed* Now what?
Flora: Fly!
Blossom: That's one thing I can't do
Tecna: I thought all fairies were born fliers?
Jason: Not Blossom, she can't fly yet
Radar: You... You tricked me Blossom Oak! *fading* I will be back for you!Radar disappeared into thin air then the girls transformed back to their casual forms, including Flora, except for the girl who can't fly yet.Blossom: I'm not much help am I
Nikki: Who care's about that? The important thing is your safe!
Lidea: And the disgusting thing is a kiss that includes tongue...Mr. Romantic, a.k.a Jason hugged Blossom. She can also see tears in his eyes, no doubt for a sensitive guy, he hugged her tight.Jason: Don't ever, do anything like that, ever, again...
Blossom: I never want to Flora & Helia, saw and heard the whole thing. Flora: This reminds me of our own relationship Helia
Helia: Me too Flora, me too... When Flora & Helia tried to kiss, someone held them apart. Lidea: Maybe we could wait until anymore love fest...
Blossom: Hmm, I'd love to be back home again, lets go


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