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Chapter 8 - A Night for Romance

Find out the Secret of Woodland Valley!
By me and Blossom, originally from

Chapter 8 - A Night for Romance

Chapter 8 - A Night for Romance
As soon as everyone reached back to the wooden house, they're all shocked to see the house as a pile of rubble!
Lidea: What happened?!
Sarah: I suspect it's Radar's work of Evil!
Blossom: Maybe I can fix the house, I can grow a few trees--
Mahin: So we're gonna cut down those trees and wear construction hats or something?
Blossom: Of-course not the construction hat part...
Nikki: I don't think you should do it B, you'll lose power and feel so weak if trees are cut down!
Blossom: We're not in battle, so I should be fine, and besides, Flora's a nature fairy too
Tecna: But what about your flight?
Blossom: You won't need any flying to build something with wood! Flora, I'll need your help to hold the wood together
Flora: My vines are really strong to hold something together, they'll do!Blossom used her wood powers to grow a few trees. Tecna was amazed to see that the growth of each tree reminds her of GaiaTecna: Blossom, are you some how related to Gaia?
Blossom: Yes, she is my great grandmother, who's the first true fairy to have wood powers. On a game, she's the goddess of Earth *continuing to grow the trees*
Tecna: Interesting...After Blossom's thin trees have fully grown, she grew a larger one which is slowly growing. Flora uses her power to remove the trees from the soil. Blossom felt a little, teensy weensy weak but Flora knows what she's doing to carefully remove the roots. One pluck of the root then Blossom will have a hard-breathing incident. Really, really sensitive nature fairy of trees. After Flora placed the trees in a pile, she and Blossom worked together to build the house, slowly putting one wood on top of another. Flora then use her vines to hold the trees.Helia: Doesn't wooden houses use nails to hold the wood together?
Jason: Not in Woodland Valley... Or else Blossom will have a heart attack
Helia: So that means...
Jason: Yes. Harming the trees will also harm the only fairy of trees, which is Blossom's only weaknessAfter a few hours, the house was completely restored and it's stronger than before. Now with larger rooms. Blossom & Flora collapsed from exhaustion. Blossom's tired from growing the trees because trees takes a lot of energy from her. Flora's tired because of growing too many vines. But Flora knows one last thing to do.Blossom: Flora, what are you doing?
Flora: Well mini gardens aren't really a Linphean thing, so I'll make for you a bigger one right behind the house!
Blossom: Thank you FloraFlora made the soil behind the house, planted seeds, then grew them to beautiful flowers. The others went back to see it.Blossom: It's beautiful Flora! It's nice to have a bigger garden with plenty of flowers! Thanks again!
Flora: You're very welcome BlossomSarah, Lidea, Tecna & Mahin said their goodbyes. Blossom helped Tecna on how to teleport back to Alfea. She had the instructions saved in her mind.Blossom: Oh before I forget, here's a paper of e-mails! I really need your help with coding HTML. That's Nikki's, Sarah's, Lidea's & Mahin's e-mail addresses
Tecna: I hope to hear from you again Blossom Oak! Ta ta!Mystical light surrounded Sarah, Lidea, Tecna & Mahin, then they've returned to their homes. Nikki will stay with Blossom, Jason, Flora & Helia until she thinks she's ready to go to her home, The High Gym. Blossom & Flora found their things while rebuilding. The bags are still ok and the beds' mattresses are still clean. After they've all went inside the house, Blossom, Nikki & Jason went to the kitchen to fix dinner, though they haven't eaten the whole day. Flora was still energetic to see Helia again.Flora: Oh Helia...
Helia: Is there something?
Flora: Maybe we should have this night for, romance...While they tried to kiss, Blossom cleared her throat to tell them that they're not really alone.Blossom: Since we have a lot of love around here, that would be nice
Jason: *came in from the kitchen to the living room* I think so too
Nikki: But the only one who doesn't have a boyfriend is me. You couples can go, I'll stay at this house
Blossom: But you'll be all alone!
Nikki: I'll be fine, I hope
Helia: I don't think so...
Flora: Me too, come with us, just to be safe and all
Nikki: Hmmm... Alright, I'll come along!
Blossom: Great! After dinner, we'll go to the sunset tree!
Flora: Lets hope you won't feel to left out of the love scene Nikki
Nikki: I'll find my guy some day, when Blossom and I go to Alfea
Helia: You mean you're going?
Blossom: M-hmm, next month...
Flora: That's wonderful!
Nikki: Come on, lets eat!After they all had dinner, Blossom led them to Sunset tree, the only spot to get a great view at the setting sun. After a few moments, the sun went down, and the two loved girls had their heads on their boyfriends' shoulder.Flora: This is so romantic...
Nikki: Uh-huh
Blossom: Hmmm... *yawn*
Flora: *yawn*
Helia: You two can fall asleep
Jason: And we'll carry you back homeA little while later, Blossom & Flora fell asleep.


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