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Chapter 9 - Radar's Revenge

Find out the Secret of Woodland Valley!
By me and Blossom, originally from

Chapter 9 - Radar's Revenge

Chapter 9 - Radar's Revenge
That night, Radar was spying on them in person the whole time, then he comes up with a plan for revenge.Radar: Aw look, two nature fairies all snuggled up with their boyfriends who loves them dearly. I will switch those guys to each other than there's no way they can ever get close to each others' girlfriends!Radar smiled evilly, then his eyes blinked red.Tomorrow morning, Helia & Jason felt a bit strange in their sleep. They both woke up at the same time then looked at their mirror.
Helia (Jason): Is that, me?!
Flora: *waking up* Helia, what are you doing?
Helia (Jason): Flora! Um, I'll be at Jason's room for a while, so, you can go down without me!Flora was a little surprised of his unusual act. Helia, or should I say, Jason rushed out of Flora & Helia's room then to his room. After Helia, as Jason, turned around, they were both in great shock.Helia (Jason), Jason (Helia): You're me?! I'm you!
Jason (Helia): I don't know what's going on but somehow we got switched!
Helia (Jason): Even Flora thinks I'm you, you as the real Helia!
Jason (Helia): We can't let the girls see us like this! They'll think we're CRAZY!
Blossom: *from the kitchen* Jason! Helia! Breakfast is almost ready!
Helia (Jason): *whispering* Say something in reply!
Jason (Helia): Uh we'll be right there Blossom!
Helia (Jason): First things first, we can't let the girls know about this. Second, we can't do any romance until we're switched back!
Jason (Helia): But who switched us in the first place?
Helia (Jason), Jason (Helia): *thinking* RADAR!
Helia (Jason): This must be his revenge of Blossom or something!
Jason (Helia): I've an Idea, lets, be each other for breakfast, go to our rooms and plan a way to escape the house without one of the girls know
Helia (Jason): It's worth a sho-- Oh no
Jason (Helia): What, is it?
Helia (Jason): Well... With mine and Blossom's relationship, we kiss very often! When ever she comes near you, just say an excuse
Nikki: *from downstairs* C'mon guys! What's taking so long?
Jason (Helia): Got it. Now lets goWhile the two walked casually on the steps of the stairs, Nikki appeared from the kitchen doorway.Nikki: Are you both ok? There's something different about you two...
Jason (Helia): We're fine... Just feeling a little, switched
Nikki: I'll take that as an expression, eh heh, eh... *returning to her seat*After Jason and Helia reached downstairs, they entered the kitchen. Blossom's preparing the meal while Flora helps her. Blossom wanted to give Jason a kiss, so she tried to kiss him, but he stepped back.Jason (Helia): I'm-- just not feeling like it right now
Blossom: Oh, alright Jason...The two guys then sat down on the table chairs. Disappointed, Blossom returned to the stove.Jason (Helia): *whispering* Not really a smooth move, I know...
Helia (Jason): *whispering* She looks so disappointed...
Jason (Helia): We've to plan this thing again
Helia (Jason): Excuse me, Blossom? Can we guys, be excused for a moment?
Blossom: Oh, sure. Just don't take too long...After the guys exited the room, the girls had a small conversation.Flora: Something is going on with the boys
Blossom: I wonder what...
Nikki: Maybe they really are switched!
Flora: What do you mean Nikki?
Nikki: Well, in the weirdest way... Jason said we're fine... Just feeling a little, switched
Blossom: Hmm... Maybe we should see what the guys are up tooBlossom, Flora & Nikki went upstairs to hear the guys talk.Helia (Jason): *from Jason's room* Maybe the tree of healing can cure this switcheroo
Blossom: Strange, I never told Helia about the magical trees around Woodland Valley
Flora: You didn't, lets keep listening
Jason (Helia): *from Jason's room* Jason, lets just tell the girls that we're switched, maybe they can help with their magic to find a cure for this
Nikki: *entered the room* Aha, a very good decision you guys made
Helia (Jason), Jason (Helia): Uh-oh!


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