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Chapter 10 - Switcheroo

Find out the Secret of Woodland Valley!
By me and Blossom, originally from

Chapter 10 - Switcheroo

Chapter 10 - Switcheroo
Blossom: *entered the room with Flora* Uh-oh is right...
Flora: Why didn't you two tell us you've got switched?
Jason (Helia): Well... You see--
Nikki: Oh I know, you guys think we'll think you're crazy!
Flora: Of-course not, we believe in you two
Blossom: When did this happened?
Jason (Helia): This morning
Helia (Jason): There's no other evil person at Woodland Valley, so we think Radar's responsible!
Blossom: We can't go back to his lair alone, if only there was time for the others to get here
Jason (Helia): Speaking of time, what if this spell becomes permanent?
Flora: Maybe Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, Layla and I can help! And our pixies, and our Charmix!
Nikki: Heard about Charmix, never got them
Blossom: Pixies can be found only on Pixie village, never had a bonded pixie
Flora: You'll get them someday, if Chatta was here, you already know what she'll say...
Jason (Helia): Can't we call the girls instead?
Helia (Jason): Our phone can't contact the Realm of Magix, but the caller can
Nikki: Just say someone's full name and it'll call for us, only we don't know the Winx's full names
Flora: Helia and I do. I'll call Bloom and she'll tell the others. Where's the caller?
Blossom: Right next to do the coffee table
Jason (Helia): Hold on, there's a force field around the Valley, how will the others get through?
Helia (Jason): Giving the spell on the line won't work
Nikki: Hey Flora, I heard about your Teleportus. Maybe Blossom can attach the spell to the Lotus and you can make it teleport to where ever Bloom is
Blossom: We can try Flora
Flora: Lets do it! Magic Winx!Flora transformed then summoned the lotus in her hand. Blossom attached the paper with the spell on the lotus with a paper clip. Flora returned to her Casual Form then walked to the caller, which is in a shape of a giant seed.Flora: How does this thing work again?
Blossom: Say Bloom's full name
Flora: Hmm... Bloom FlameSuddenly the caller turned into a green leaf then into a small tree which is only two feet tall.Flora: ???
Blossom: Wait until the tree has a Blossom on topA few seconds later, the tiny Blossom grew then they heard Bloom's voice.Bloom: *from the caller* Hello?
Flora: Bloom!
Bloom: *from the caller* Flora! Hey girls, it's Flora!
Layla: *from the caller* Hey Flora, how is it there at Woodland Valley?
Flora: It's so good to hear from you girls again! Well I can't explain what's going on here, we need you girls to come over
Stella: *from the caller* Did you say come over?!
Blossom: Please, we need your help to return to Radar's lair
Tecna: *from the caller* That's Ms. Oak, I once gone to the Valley
Bloom: *from the caller* Who's Radar?
Helia (Jason): The only enemy here at Woodland Valley
Nikki: He's really angry right now because-- No time for the reason, just that he might do the same switch to us!
Musa: *from the caller* What did she mean by switch?
Jason (Helia): Jason & I was switched this morning, switched as in being in each other's body but still have the same voice
Bloom: *from the caller* Oh no! Well, how can we help?
Flora: The Teleportus is the only teleportation I've brought here. Blossom attached the spell to the lotus so you and the others can reach here as soon as possible. I'll set it to teleport to your room in a minute
Tecna: *from the caller* Hurry Flora!
Bloom: *from the caller* See you soon!The caller transformed back into the seed while Flora is trying to teleport the Teleportus to Bloom's room. After it teleported, Bloom and the others found the attached paper.Bloom: Ok, lets all do the spell together! That way we'll all teleport at the same time
Musa: Wait! Ms. Faragonda might be looking for us if we teleport now
Layla: You're right, we'll have to ask herWhile they're rushing to Faragonda's office, Blossom called May and Sarah.Blossom: May & Sarah will be here right away
May: *appeared* Try now
Sarah: *appeared* There's no way the teleportation spell can ever be slow!
Blossom: Lets hope the Winx will arrive... Anyways, I--
May: The winx?! You mean, all the Winx Girls?!
Blossom: Including Bloom. They wouldn't be coming here without Flora's help. As I was saying, I think we need to find Radar someone that loves him and he loves that someone-- But I don't mean me
Helia (Jason): What about Lidea?
Blossom: We can't force her to love Radar. If she does love him or either like him, we won't know if he has those same feelings for her
Nikki: Lidea's a Goth, Radar seems like a Goth too, sounds like the perfect couple to me...
May: Hmm...In a few seconds the Winx Girls appeared in front of them.Stella: Wow! That was the fastest teleportation ever!
May: OMG! It's the winx!
Layla: Eh heh heh, who are you?
May: I'm Mahin but you can call me May. This is Sarah
Sarah: Hi! It's great to see the winx in person!
Bloom: Now where's this Radar person?
Nikki: We're not positively sure but we think he might still be at his lair
Layla: Well what are we waiting for? Lets all transform! Magic!--
Blossom: Whoa slow down! I forgot to mention one teeny thing. I can't fly, yet
Stella: Can't fly? Don't all fairies have wings?
Blossom: Very funny... I do have wings, but I'm a tree fairy. A tree fairy can't fly yet
Helia (Jason): Not really sure when though...
Musa: Uh... You're Helia aren't you?
Jason (Helia): No, I am
Helia (Jason): The problem is we're switched!
Layla: Wait a minute, what if the Trix shows up?
Blossom: That wouldn't be necessary... Woodland Valley doesn't allow witches
Jason (Helia): Well then, can we please go to Radar's lair to find the cure for this switch?
Layla: Finally... Transform!


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