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Chapter 11 - A Way Out

Find out the Secret of Woodland Valley!
By me and Blossom, originally from

Chapter 11 - A Way Out

Chapter 11 - A Way Out
Every fairy transformed. After that, they heard little voices.Chatta: Hi!
Flora: Chatta? Where did you come from?
Lockette: We followed the Winx!
Tune: And we're here to help!
Nikki: Come on everyone! It's time to fly! Oh and walk...The Winx, Pixies, May, Sarah & Nikki flew while Blossom and the two guys, just walked...At the Shadow Castle, Darkar's looking for the winx.Darkar: Where could those fairies be?! I've looked at every inch in the Magix Realm!
Icy: Master, we heard the winx are at a cutesy Valley
Stormy: What was the name again? Oh yeah, Woodland Valley
Darkar: The winx girls must've gone there! I need you three to get the winx and the fairies with the winx!
Darcy: We'll go immediately!
Darkar: Not so fast. Woodland Valley doesn't allow witches. You're Gloomix will let you stay there for thirty minutes. You can only go there once
Icy: What'll happen after thirty minutes?
Darkar: You'll be automatically teleported back here
Darcy: It's best if we locate where they are, before we teleport or else we won't get another chance
Darkar: Go to it!Meanwhile at somewhere in the woods, Blossom, Helia & Jason are exhausted.Blossom: How much further?
Nikki: We're almost there!
Tecna: Just a few more feetJason in Helia's body noticed that Blossom's panting of exhaustion. He could carry her, but while in Helia's body, it'll be ridiculous.Stella: Blech, that Radar person lives in that rocky lair?!
Bloom: Good! We're here!
Digit: That was far! According to my calculations, we've walked about--
Tecna: *covers her mouth* Digit, no time for calculations on how far we've flew and walked
Nikki: Wonder what lover boy is up to...
Layla: Lover boy?
Nikki: Well B once--
Blossom: Don't talk about it...
Chatta: I just wonder why we flew and walk all the way to that enemy Radar's lair. I mean, the only enemy? No shadow creatures?
Stella: Yeah... I wonder that too!
Helia (Jason): Well if this switch spell becomes permanent, what will Helia's grandfather say?
Jason (Helia): And that, only enemy is kind of like Darkar
Blossom: He has a handsome face but the body of a skeleton. But it's only a curse to have a body skeleton. To break it, he has to find someone that loves him and he loves that someone
May: Lets hope we can find the spell to reverse the switcheroo spell at Radar's lair before Dark
Sarah: No worries, the sun is still in the sky and it's only noon! We'll have hours before it gets dark...A few seconds later, the sky is becoming darker and the Sun was no where to be seen.Layla: What happened?! It's dark!
Musa: Hey! Who removed the sun?!
Tecna: Illogical, the sun isn't suppose to set until night!
Stella: Maybe I'll put on a little light here. Rising!--
Blossom: No wait! Get down!Everyone dropped to the ground, some in a painful way. Pixies landed.Blossom: If Radar sees light only on one spot, he'll know we're coming!
Sarah: How are we to walk through the forest if we can't see?
Stella: We'll might bump into trees and rip our clothes! No way that's gonna happen to me!
Blossom: I--
Nikki: Flora can talk to the trees, she can lead us
Flora: It's too dark, I can't see any trees. I need to see them to talk to them
Blossom: You see I--
Layla: Musa can use her Sound Wave to hear a way out!
Musa: Too many trees. The waves will just bounce back
Nikki: Does Tecna's computer came with a GPS?
Tecna: Yes it does but the GPS needs an area image. Snapping a picture will only show off light
Jason (Helia): What about Lockette?
Amore: Lockette! She can lead us!
Bloom: Yes! Lockette! Can you lead us to Radar's Lair?
Lockette: Sorry, it's too dark and my glowing wand will show off light too
Chatta: Us pixies have glowing wings and they'll show off light. Walking will just make us tired
Stella: I have had it! It's dark and I want light! There's no other choice!
Blossom: Just give me some time to hide behind a tree
Chatta: How can you? You'll bump into it instead!
Blossom: Oh I can manage *hid behind a tree*
Stella: Alright! Rising Sun!Stella invoked Sun Light when suddenly something zapped her.Stella: Ow! Someone zapped me with a laser or something!
Blossom: *came out from behind the tree* Told you he might see us... Wait, laser?
Helia (Jason): Radar doesn't use Technology! He only uses his magic!
May: Guess he's gone advanced...
Flora: Hold on. Blossom, how did you hid behind a tree?
Blossom: I can see them
Stella: Why didn't you tell us that before I invoked my Rising Sun?!
Blossom: I tried to tell you
Bloom: Ms. Oak can lead us!
Blossom: First of all, call me by my first name. Second of all, me? Lead?
Digit: You're our only hope Ms.-- I mean Blossom! You can see the trees while we others can't
Lockette: And we might show off light if we use our powers that includes light
Helia (Jason): If you lead us out, we might all get to Radar's lair fast
Jason (Helia): To find the cure to this switch, and find out what happened to the sun
Blossom: *gulp* Wait a second, instead of me leading, the trees can lead for us
Nikki: How?
Blossom: Simple. Since it's so dark, even Radar can't see a thing, so I'll grow branches leading a way out to his lair!
Stella: Will growing take hours?
Sarah: Kind of like Flora's growth magic, B's branch growing will take seconds too
Stella: Who's, B?
Blossom: *sigh* Nickname...A few seconds later, Blossom grew branches leading a way out, they act like a stiff rope.Chatta: Um, so, how are the branches going to lead us if we can't see them?
Blossom: Everyone, move around and find a tree. Move your hands around one and find a low branchEveryone did that and they found the low branches.Stella: Will this rip my outfit?
Bloom: Getting out of this mess is more important than outfits for now Stella...
Blossom: Now everyone, walk along while following the branches you're holding, they'll lead a way out and to Radar's lair
Sarah: How are we to know which way exactly?
Blossom: Flora, do you have any thoughts?
Flora: Just one. Chatta, here my voice and walk to your left
Chatta: Ok *walking to her left*
Flora: Ok Chatta, now fly a bit to show a bit of light that only we can see, not Radar
Chatta: Ok!Chatta flew a little bit than a twinkle of light had shown. Blossom told them that Flora picked the right way for Chatta. She told the others to follow the branches to where Chatta's glowing. The pixies walked, but it wasn't that far for them to get tired. Finally everyone escaped from the forest.


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