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Chapter 12 - Searching

Find out the Secret of Woodland Valley!
By me and Blossom, originally from

Chapter 12 - Searching

Chapter 12 - Searching
May: We're out!
Sarah: Didn't bump to any trees even!
Stella: And I didn't rip my clothes!
Bloom: Blossom got us out!
Blossom: Hmmm...
Layla: What's wrong? You got us out!
Musa: That's also a good thing!
Helia (Jason): I know what's wrong. Blossom didn't mention, that her great grandmother, Gaia was the queen of Woodland Valley. She holds the staff of Woodland Valley, until dark forces took the staff from her. Without the staff, Woodland Valley became poor year after year
Digit: But why doesn't Blossom feel happy? I mean she led us out of the forest
Blossom: Listen, without the staff or a queen, the people in Woodland Valley does not lead anyone to anywhere
Stella: What people? All I see are two people who lives here, no any other
Bloom: Stella, just listen...
Blossom: Woodland Valley used to have happy people living here. Gaia was always a great queen to Woodland Valley! The staff of Woodland Valley controls everything here. The dark forces, used the staff to force the Vallens to--
Stella: *laughing* Vallens?! What's Vallens?!
Blossom: That's what they call people who live in Valleys
Bloom: On Domino, they call the people Dominons
Stella: Ok, ok... And on Solaria we call the people there, Solarians...
Blossom: Lets not try to change the subject
Musa: Force the Vallens to where?
Blossom: Jason, tell the rest for me...
Helia (Jason): Force the Vallens to leave Woodland Valley
Blossom: Two Vallens, my parents, stayed in a hidden area where the forces of darkness cannot locate
Helia (Jason): Radar was one of the warriors of the forces of Darkness, but he was betrayed by their leader
Flora: Wait just a minute, this isn't telling the reason why Blossom isn't happy that she led us out in the first place
Blossom: The reason why I'm not happy about the leading, is that I'm a Vallen of Woodland Valley, I don't lead, trees here too, neither does Jason after the Staff is gone and Gaia, never to be seen again... I know I said I can see the trees so that I can lead out, but I did it once just to get us out from the forest
Layla: About 'betrayed by their leader', who's the leader?
Chatta: And how do you two know all this?
Helia (Jason): The leader is, Darkar...
Winx: WHAT?!
Bloom: He must've gone here then to Domino in the past!
Blossom: And about 'how do we both know all this', my parents told me and I told Jason, while they were spying At the Shadow Castle, the Trix located the Winx Girls, the fairies, the pixies and the two guys with them. Darcy: Yes! We've located them!
Icy: When do you want us to go there master?
Darkar: As soon as they found something powerful!
Stormy: Why didn't you tell us this before we located them?
Darkar: It is an evil surprise... Back near Radar's lair, the guys are feeling a bit left out. Helia (Jason): Aren't you girls forgetting something?
Jason (Helia): Like say, us?
Sarah: Oh! We were so busy talking we forgot!
Tecna: But how are we to open the rocky door if we can't see it?
Blossom: If only Terra was here...
Winx: Who's Terra?
May: She's one of B's cousins. They'll be attending Alfea the same date as we are
Blossom: Terra's powers are rocks, stones, pebbles, anything that's rocky-- She can even see them when it's dark
Tecna: Well since we don't have Ms. Stone I guess--
Nikki: How did you know her last name?!
Tecna: It was a wild guess. As I was saying, we can do the same thing as we did while on our escape from the forest!
Lockette: Grow branches?
Tecna: No, feel! Like what Blossom told us about the branches! Move around and feel for them! But this time, feel for a rocky wall!
Bloom: Smart thinking Tecna!
Helia (Jason): I have an easier Idea. Lockette can point the way to the door first then we move around and feel for the lever or button
Lockette: But what about my glow?
Blossom: Jason's on to something, I mean now that we're here, Radar can't see us while we're near his lair
Chatta: Do you really think this is a good Idea?
Digit: I say we try!
Lockette: I'll do it! Lockette summoned her wand, let it spun and they all waited for it to point the way. Lockette: This way!
Musa: Now lets go! While they're moving around and placing their hands on a rocky wall, May felt a bump, so it must be a button. May: Guys! I found a button!
Chatta: Great! Push it!
May: I'll try, just hope it's not stuck After May pushed the button, the rocky wall lifted up, everyone's eyes were stunned by the light inside. Layla: *covering eyes* That stings!
Blossom: No turning back now, lets go


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