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Chapter 1 - homeward board

This is the sequel to the homeward board series but this time Chance, Sassy and Shadow get lost in Hawaii

Chapter 1 - homeward board

Chapter 1 - homeward board
Sassy was asleep when Chance pushed her off the balcony and she howled.

“Chance you’ll gonna get a sore nose right now” Sassy said and run up the steps when Hope picked her up.

“Hey Sassy we’re going to Hawaii” Hope said.

Sassy meowed at her owner and glared at Chance.

“What no not another plane trip” Chance said when Shadow came up the stairs and looked at the boxer.

“Chance this is our big chance to see another different part of the world” Shadow said.

"But we saw the outside of this city." Chance said.

“There’s no getting out this time” Shadow said as his owner came and put him in a cage and was put in the back of the car and so was Chance and Sassy.

“This is not good, This is not good” Chance kept on saying over and over.

"Why are you saying that?" Asked Shadow.

“Remember the last two times” Chance said as they got to the airport and he whimpered as their humans put them on a cage transporter and were put into the airplane.

"At Least I don't think anything will go wrong this time" said Sassy.

They were soon flying across the air and Chance was freaking out and somehow managed to push all the cages out of the airplane and onto a different part of Hawaii where their humans were not visiting.

"Chance I swear I'm going to kill you!" Yelled Sassy.

“Ok calm down everyone” Shadow said, “We must find a way out of these cages”
Sassy put her nail to the cage door and opened it and she did it for Shadow and was going to leave Chance.

“Sassy open Chance’s cage too” Shadow said firmly and Sassy didn’t move.

Sassy finally did knowing she wouldn’t win the fight but hit Chance over the nose with her claws unsheathed.

Chance whimpered when she hit him. Shadow stepped on Sassy’s tail and she let out mew of protest.

“Come on guys, lets get on with out newest journey” Shadow said.

Chance was walking and singing something wired like always and Sassy was looking for a hole to push him in and a place to eat. Shadow was trying to keep everyone happy.

"Stop fighting the both of you" Yelled Shadow.

“Well he started it” Sassy hissed angrily and Chance pushed her into a hole before she even noticed it and Shadow bit him on the ear.

Chance cried, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” and Sassy jumped out and clawed him in the eye.

Chance cried more, “I’m sorry.”

“Sassy you got no right to claw any dog in the eye, it can make them go blind. Apologize now” Shadow said angrily.

“Sorry” Hissed Sassy.

“Nicely” Prompted Shadow and nudged Sassy with his wet nose.

“Awwww” Sassy said. “Sorry” She meowed.

“That’s better” Shadow said.

Chance and Shadow where walking and Sassy was on Chance's back hitching a ride


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