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A story where Ice-cream adds up with a lot of trouble (rescreatu)
This are my original sailor scouts I've created
Evil creatus, crying zookie yep sounds about right for this story where user Jaqui gets sucked through to rescreatu but is it a dream or not
This is a story which includes Zookie and evil otachie eggs
Romance on sea patrol
This is my Lion King 3 hope you like it
Its about a creatu that meets a kioka that is a clan leader of a cat clan where they worship cats
This is the sequel to the homeward board series but this time Chance, Sassy and Shadow get lost in Hawaii
Users recieve a surprise after they click on a mysterious link on the website recreatu
When Andrew takes Lexianna's best friend Roxie home, She gets really angry at him and Kassie teaches her the importance of forgiveness. Any characters not from the show are not for other's use and are mine and my friend Lauren's original characters.
{touched by an angel)

A assignment gives Rafael something special at the end: a daughter. This is the work of mine and my friend Lauren so no one can use anything from this story without our premission
This is MSN chat between ER staff