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Chapter 1 - Angst

A poem from Erik's point of view.
Based off Gaston Leroux's novel.

Chapter 1 - Angst

Chapter 1 - Angst


Written from Erik's point of view.

Up above them,

Like a vulture in the sky.

Two golden eyes flashed in the darkness.


The two below took no notice,

As they laughed together.

It sickened me.

The way he held her close.

The way he shamelessly flatters her.

The woman I love and the man I loathe,

Together - under the stars.

I can't stand it!

They kiss.

I hear the shattering of my heart.

My golden wedding band falls from her delicate finger.

Onto the rooftop at her feet.

I feel tears prick my eyes.

His kiss deepens.

She pulls away.

A flame of hope ignites in my chest!

Has she remembered?

Has she remembered my constant professions of love?

All that I have done for her?

Does she realize that the man she is kissing,

Is not I?

My eyes once again grow somber.

She smiles at the hateful man,

And to my horror,

She lets out a giggle!

She runs from him, teasingly.

He laughs and runs after her.

I cry.

As the tears fall down my sunken eyes,

The glint of the golden ring,

Left in the dust,

Catches my attention.

I watch them leave,

Entwined in a twirling love's duet.

But not I!

For she turns, in fear, from my voice.

In disgust at my face.

She thinks a monster (such as I)

Cannot love.

I jump from my perch,

As soon as I know they are gone.

I take the ring in my gloved palm.

I watch tears fall down,

Onto it's golden surface.

My stifled sobbing is the only sound I hear,

For what seems like eons upon eons.

After a while,

The tears stop.

Insane anger wells inside me.

I scream out in anguish.

First my mother.

Then my friends.

Now, my one true love.



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KartoonKween on May 1, 2006, 7:36:49 AM

KartoonKween on
KartoonKweenHoly crap. This rocks. This rocks out loud. You won't believe how utterly rockin' this is. Except... yes you would... because you wrote it.

Uh, this rocks! Probably my socks.

StargirlES7 on March 30, 2006, 7:21:32 AM

StargirlES7 on
StargirlES7That's great! It's so sad. Iluv it! Poor Erik... I'll go make it feel all better!!!! * runs to find Erik*