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Chapter 2 - No Penelope!

just a POV Hooded Claw short fic

Chapter 2 - No Penelope!

Chapter 2 - No Penelope!
No Penelope!

The Hooded Claw had left her to her apparent doom as he called it and laughed and decided to take a walk to keep an eye out for the ant hill mob.

And also to remain close by to keep sort of a close watch on Penelope as well

He never let on but he did care about her in reality he was her guardian and

it was one of the reasons he left her time for an escape and why he explained each peril before sometimes leaving but on occasion he watched her in case something might go wrong.

the Other reason he sometimes gave her a lengthy description of each Peril was for her to find a flaw or time for a rescue.

he heard a loud Boom and since the Anthill mob was nowhere in sight and he gave the Bully Bros the day off he was worried he yelled No Penelope and ran back to the rubble where he had left her tied at the sawmill.

He ran with tears in his eyes hoping she was not in there when it had exploded.

He saw the smoke and flames from the explosion but the building was destroyed he dreaded seeing what was left of Penelope after the smoke and flames cleared, since it looked like he had lost his love without letting on how he felt and he did not want to see her remains.

He was standing there with tears in his eyes and a familiar voice caught his attention and snapped him out of it.

"Well Hooded Claw your latest Peril Blew up in your face again."

He surprised her with a hug She stuttered Claw what are you doing?

He stated to her i think i am done with Perils unless they are less dangerous i don't want to possibly loose in a way like that again.

He removed his mask and hat and revealed his face and hair

she said she had expected it was him but kept it silent she found the Perils fun but it got a bit boring to her overtime and had wondered why she always told her how each peril was supoosed to work.

"I love you Penelope that is why i always told you how each Peril worked and if you found a flaw or had a rescue that was how i knew you would always be okay. But how did the explosion happen.

Penelope was still in Hooded Claw arms but she was a bit taken aback at claw's confession of his feelings she said "i love you too

and like i said i got a bit bored with the perils so i i used my nail file to break my bonds set up my own time bomb and left the building before it blew up. i did not mean to worry you Sylvester"

"For a time i thought if i had your money after getting rid of you in a peril i would be happy with your fortune but after a while i knew i would not be happy without you in my life."

"Oh Sly i know i would not want to be alone and miserable without you in my life either she kissed his lips that is why i saved you back in the North Pole."

"I know the feeling i made it appear to drop you at the carnival but i let loose a thread from my pants to assure you to your safety."

"i figured as much she giggled you were cute up there in your shorts."

he blushed and said i think by now we can assume the next step is marriage so Penelope will you Marry me?

"i think i will do just that she said yes i will marry you."

Then they kissed again and walked away from their last peril at least the ones out in the open.


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